iPad 5 vs iPad Mini 2: Super Slim Full-Size Tablet Shifts Buyers' Focus from Retina in Mini? ['Leaked' Photos]


The iPad 5 and iPad mini 2, both from Apple, are two of the most anticipated devices this year. Countless rumours had stated these tabs will be coming out mid-2013. But CEO Tim Cook quieted them down a bit when he hinted the new release dates will be sometime in the fall. It's an interesting year for Apple because the bigger iPad is supposedly getting even slimmer than the mini. Is this a move to draw the buyers' away from the cheaper, smaller tablet?

Many tablet shoppers skipped the iPad mini, thinking its refresh would come with Retina technology in a few months' time. iPad 4 comes with Retina, but it's heavier and a lot more expensive. Now, how will buyers choose between a lighter iPad 5 and a mini with or without Retina?

It has been often reported that the iPad 5 will look a lot like the much-celebrated iPad mini. It will supposedly feature thinner bezels for a wider screen effect. Now, tech updates sleuth nowhereelse.fr reported the iPad 5 could measure 232 mm in length, 178.5 mm in width and 7.9 mm in thickness. In contrast, the current iPad mini is 7.2 mm slim. The iPad 4, on the other hand, is 9.4 mm slim.

The rumoured super slim full-size tablet could be an answer to the slimming challenge posed by Sony Xperia Tablet Z (6.9 mm) earlier this year. It seems manufacturers want to steal back the tablet users who have been favouring the smaller, lighter devices.

The Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD, Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note 8 are the most popular iPad mini competition. Now it seems the iPad mini 2 will be competing with its own sibling for tablet shoppers' attention. There are a few rumours saying the next generation mini could still skip Retina display technology. Other rumours say the mini refresh will actually come in two releases: one with Retina, the other with only slightly higher resolution. Regardless, the mini will still be a curious slice of referesh.

For Apple fans and early adopters, your Thanksgiving shopping could see how you answer this question: Bigger yet slimmer iPad 5, or lighter and cheaper iPad mini 2?

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