iPad 5 Release Date Set in March with IGZO Screen Display?


The fifth generation of iPad may be released in March with Sharp's IGZO screen display.

According to Japanese blog Macotakara, Apple will be releasing a thinner and lighter iPad in March.

"According to my inside source, iPad(5th) may be released in March, 2013. Source told that, design of this new iPad will be like iPad mini in detail, and be thinner and lightweight," Macotakara posted on the website.

Macotakara added that the California tech giant is prepping a thinner, lighter fifth-generation iPad that shares some of its design cues with the recently released iPad Mini. The blog has a good reputation in Apple-related rumours.

Macotakara reported that the next iPad will have dimensions of 4mm in height, 17mm in width, and 2mm in depth, which is a near physical impossibility. The more likely scenario is that those dimensions represent the difference. The current iPad is 241.2mm in height, 185.7mm in width, and 9.4mm in depth.

A report from DigiTimes indicates that Apple is currently discussing utilizing Sharp's IGZO display in next-generation iPhones and iPads.

The iPad 5 is also expected to have a smaller bezel, which would make its appearance closer to that of the iPad mini.

The imminent release of the iPad 5 follows the launched of the iPad 4 last November, which is about five months cycle.

In previous years, Apple has mostly stuck to one iPad a year. However, recent reports indicate Apple is looking to speed up its production cycle in order to release more products per year. A new iPhone and iPad mini are also expected to release before summer 2013 kicks off.

Reports indicate that Apple is looking to switch to a 6-month cycle instead of a 1-year cycle with the iPhone to be more aggressive against competitors such as Samsung and Google.

This rumour is supported by Asymco's analyst Horace Dediu who believes that Apple's future will indeed consist of a new generation of device every six months. This assumption is based on the statement of former Apple CEO John Sculley.

According to Sculley, the company is "going through a very significant change now in terms of product cycles," and that "now it's really introducing products twice a year."

As usual, the Cupertino-based company remained tight-lipped on its plans this year.

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