iPad 5 Release Date, Rumoured Specs: 5 Good Reasons to Upgrade [PHOTOS]


iPad 5 release date is said to fall sometime in the last quarter of the year, with some rumours specifying the month of October. Apple tablet users have enough time to consider factors linked to gadget shopping and read rumours, a lot of which prove true upon product unveiling.

iPad 5 is believed to be a whole new different Apple tablet. Up to now, many Apple tablet users are still satisfied with their iPad 2. Some casual users never saw the need to upgrade because the "slight" tweaks up to the fourth generation iPad do not seem attractive or practical to them. But it looks like iPad 5 will draw these old model users this time around.

iPad 5 Specs Give 5 Good Reasons to Upgrade (Rumours only considered)

1. Slim Full-sized Tablet. A Digitimes report said the iPad 5 will be thinner and lighter. Users don't have to sacrifice screen size for lighter weight. Some iPad mini shifters switched over wrist strain caused by heavier tablets. But they miss the bigger screen. It looks like Apple has something for them.

2. Sharp's IGZO screen technology. Tech bloggers are convinced the next generation Apple devices will feature Sharp's IGZO screen technology, and it will be better than Retina Display. Media viewing and browsing are always better in higher pixel densities, so users are hoping this is one of the rumours that prove true upon launch day.

3. Faster is better. From the A5 chipset in iPad 2, Apple is reportedly moving up to A7 for the iPad 5. The 4th generation iPad is fueled by A6X, which has an integrated quad-core graphics processing unit (GPU). The A6X has received many positive reviews, with some tech writers calling it a "beast" in terms of power.

4. Price. Apple is not likely to dramatically drop its prices just to stay competitive. But there are persistent rumours that the next generation Apple gadgets will be cheaper in terms of value. For casual users, there is no need to spend more for "minor tweaks." Heavy users see how these tweaks redefine their overall user experience. It seems the Apple iPad 5 pricing will look reasonable from either perspective.

5. Futuristic design. One of the things Apple buyers love about the firm is its eye for sophisticated design. "You hold it and you know it's made of quality material," they say. Tech writers mentioning "futuristic" design excites Apple fans, who trust the company certainly knows what it's doing.


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