iPad 5 Release Date Next Week to Counter Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Launch?

  on June 14 2013 10:41 AM

There is a new rumour that is making the rounds claiming that Apple's iPad 5 will be released next week to counter the announcement of Samsung's phablet - Galaxy Note 3.

After the iPad 5 did not show up this week at the recently concluded Apple's annual WorldWide Developers' Conference, there are speculations that Apple intended to release its tablet in a separate event a week after the event. This is to counter the rumoured Samsung Galaxy Note 3 press event pegged next week.

New rumours claimed that Samsung's phablet Galaxy Note 3 will be unveiled in a press event in London on June 20. There were speculations that Samsung will finally introduce the much awaited Galaxy Note 3 at the said event. It is initially reported that the South Korea-based tech giant will unveil the miniature Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini in the press launch but it was already slipped in the market without a glamorous launch party.

However, consumers are also expecting the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom to be announced next week, but it was made official this morning, which means Samsung only has a few devices that we know about to announce at their event, these include the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, and we are expecting to see both devices show up.

On the other hand, the iPad 5 is rumoured to have no bezels, and the whole form factor has been made sleeker. Horowitz believes this design indicates that Apple will be calling on Sharp's IGZO screen technology. Sharp, however, according to Horowitz, has been struggling, and its ability to deliver components on time will play a key role in the release of the next iPad.

Moreover, the new iPad is rumored to come in different colors, including navy blue, gold, and grey, and will be 33% thinner and lighter than the iPad 4. The device will also have a thinner piece of glass, at just 0.2mm thick.

There are also claims that the iPad 5 will allow phone calls, as it will include a microphone and SIM port. It may also feature a vibrating mode for message alerts and haptic feedback from gaming. The resolution of the rear-facing camera will be upgraded to 8MP, according to accessory maker Tactus.

Still, the Cupertino-based company offers no official comment on the aforementioned rumours. 

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