iPad 5 Killers? Galaxy Note 12.2 with S-Pen & Retina-Like Display

Plus Galaxy Tab 3 10 with Quad-Core Snapdragon 800 in the Works – Reports
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Shortly after its rumoured September 2013 release date, the slimmed down iPad 5 will likely new Samsung challengers - two full-size tablets that will flash Retina-level resolution of 2560 x 1600.

According to prolific gadget news leaker @evleaks, Samsung is lining up two fresh iPad rivals with the bigger device bearing the model number SM-P900. Screen was pegged at 12.2-inch diagonally, easily dwarfing the big iOS tablet's 9.7-inch viewing window.

Serving as the behemoth's powerhouse is the quad-core Exynos Octa 5 CPU, which saw selective deployment earlier this year via the Galaxy S4 and will again power the second Samsung flagship - the Galaxy Note 3.

It is likely, however, that the Note 12.2 will utilise the updated Exynos architecture, which according to Samsung is packed with more CPU and GPU might plus the benefit of efficient energy use.

It is assumed that the SM-P900 will be launched as the Galaxy Note 12.2 as @evleaks claimed that the giant-screen tablet will be paired with an S-Pen, a mainstay of the Note tablet and phablet series.

The other model is without a model number at the moment but it could be marketed as the most powerful member of the recently unveiled Galaxy Tab 3 family. The screen size is 10-inch flat and firing up its operations is latest Qualcomm monster - the Snapdragon 800 with quad-core speed.

Aside from highlighting the likelihood that both tablets will flash screen resolution with Retina quality, no other specs were provided in the tweet by @evleaks.

Yet it should be safe to offer that the Android slates will stand on Key Lime Pie or version 5.0 of the Google mobile platform, that is the rollout date is set for late Q4 2013 or early Q1 2014.

It is possible too that Samsung will show off its latest memory chips through the tablets -called the eMMC PRO memory. The new technology, Samsung said, allows for "faster multi-tasking, web-browsing, application downloading and file transfers, as well as high-definition video capture and playback."

The Android devices will directly tussle with the iPad 5, which on release date will showcase a lighter and thinner profile, much like the iPad Mini 2, with a host of killer features courtesy of the new iOS 7.

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