iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 Latest Rivals: Microsoft to Release Surface Pro 2, Surface Mini?


Reports claimed that internet giant Microsoft is planning to launch Surface Pro 2 and Surface Mini to battle against the upcoming iPad 5, iPad Mini 2.

Successors of the Microsoft Surface Pro and a new 7 or 8 inch tablet are on its way, according to reports. Rumours also suggest that these tablets will hit the market pretty soon.

The decision may be due to the unexpected popularity of Microsoft Surface Pro across the world, more so among business executives and officials in many companies.

Announcement of Microsoft Surface 2 is expected to take place at the upcoming Build Developer Conference that will take place from June 26 to 28, where more details about the projected Windows Blue update are also expected. Supply chains have leaked clues about the potential second upgrade of Surface.

As per DigiTimes, the famous Taiwanese gossip blog, the Surface tablet is going to come up in 7-inch and 9-inch variants, respectively targeting Google Nexus 7 and Apple iPad. For a long time, it has been said that the Redmond software giant is to uncover a midsize Windows 8 tablet.

"Sources also noted that the second-generation Surface devices reportedly will only feature 7- to 9-inch displays to meet the rising demand for smaller tablet devices," says the DigiTimes, which referring to sources said that Microsoft retained most of its earlier OEMs to build the next gen Surface tablet.

Pegatron Technology will remain as the chief manufacturer. Ju Teng will supply chassis, Chungnam Precision Casing will provide switching, Samsung and LG Display will offer display, LG Chem the batteries, Corning the glass, Intel and Nvidia the chips, Chicony Electronics and Ko Ja (Cayman) the keyboards and TPK and Youngfast the touch panels for the new Surface tablets.

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