iOS Gaming: Injustice: Gods Among us Free Credits Rewards; SteelSeries iOS Controller Revealed

iOS Mini Games Not Yet on Nintendo
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Those who are still enjoying Injustice: Gods Among Us on the iOS and Android may be happy to know that over the weekend, Warner Bros will be giving away 30,000 free power credit points.

This is in celebration of reaching a billion play milestone, which according to VG 24/7, was counted since the time that Injustice: Gods Among Us had launched way back in April 2013.

The promo will carry over the weekend, so be sure to keep playing the game to get your free 30,000 free credits. Not bad for a game that hasn't churned out more characters and promos in a while. Hopefully a sequel or the momentum brings back the inclusion of more DC characters into the existing roster.

*The seems like Sony's biggest success may be the PS4 since it's profitability rating is still down for other aspects of its business: Read here for more.

Steel Series for the iOS 7

When Apple introduced the iOS 7, it seemed to be the company's key to finding a  niche for itself in mobile gaming. But now hat the theory has been made into practice, there is still a lot to go for the iOS 7 to be trl revolutionary as a gaming function.

But for Apple users who want to take advantage of using controllers to play a game, SteelSeries has created a new accessory that puts it at the top of Apple's must-buy list. Dubbed as the Stratus controller, SteelSeries' project goes beyond the usual accessory-addition as, particularly in price. It used to be sold at $99 but has seen a markdown so now it's available for $79.

*The Xbox One's GPU is slated for some improvements: Read the details here.

It reflects all the buttons and nooks of your regular controller. Though the Stratus controller is still made of plastic, Tab Times reports that it's of the sturdier kind, with a pretty smart design that fits well in your hand.

Nintendo not expanding to iOS

Before you start fantasizing over playing a favorite Nintendo franchise with your iOS device, it seems that Nintendo's avoidance of mobile gaming has won over yet again. App Advice has confirmed that there will be no mini-games coming to iOS from Nintendo, though the company follows up with some sort of app coming out.

*Excited for Titanfall? An open beta is speculated to debut a few weeks before the release date: Read about it here.

According to the report, Nintendo is thinking of coming out with service apps in various platforms, which would benefit Nintendo gamers with smart devices. This seems to be such a waste considering that Nintendo has a number of well-known mini-games which it can offer to sample to entice more players over to their console.

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