iOS Games: Doctor Who’s Update, PES Manager Coming to iOS and a Look at Hitman GO

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Following the Rise of the Master story arc for the fifth season of Doctor Who, the iOS and Android game also gets its update for the added content.

Doctor Who: Legacy, from Tiny Rebel Games, will be getting as many as 20 hours of new gameplay, a brand new Perk system for customization, Expert mode for levels, special character rewards, new abilities, new enemies and more.

The perk system now allows players to unlock abilities as you collect and level up, so you can get more allies through the game. According to Joystiq, there will also be four more incarnations of the Doctor to join the game, including the First, the Ninth, the Second and the War Doctor.

PES Manager already announced for the West

Konami has already announced that its football game app in the Japanese market, touted as the World Soccer Collection S, will now be coming to Europe. This time, it will be translated as PES Manager once it hits outside Japan.

Videogamer reports that the game will also have 3D matches, 1,500 star player badges that feature players from EU leagues and match types. The last feature will let you use Training and Formation so you can empower your teams and help them reach full potential. Some of the match types mentioned include Challenge Matches, Special Matches and Cup Contests.

For now, a release date has not yet been announced, although Konami has already specified the recommended specs for your devices so that PES Manager will work. This includes iOS 4 or later or Android 2.3 or later, devices that are ARM-based and a minimum of 1 GB of free space.

Hitman Go is now out on iOS

Over the weekend, Hitman Go from Square Enix Montreal has already been released on iTunes. Note that this is spin-off from the franchise, where you'll make use of stealth and distractions to maneuver into the secret areas for your target.

Hitman Go Launch Trailer (via hitman YouTube)

Not surprising, since it is a strategy and turn-based puzzle game. The strategy part has quite the emphasis, as you will have to make use of a variety of Agent 47's tools (and use them wisely) to get through the game.

For those looking for a challenge, Hitman Go does not disappoint, since you have a number of enemy types, each with unique behaviors. There is also a number of ways to complete the level, so you can either go trigger-happy or silent mode with a level for a different gameplay altogether.

Hitman Go will cost you $5, but it's worth the bucks if only for the pretty addictive drive of the game, which makes you want to be as creative and efficient in playing as possible.

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