iOS Apps of the Week: A Roundup of the Hottest iOS Apps for March Week 4

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The iOS Apps of the week roundup today includes some cool way to look at the sun up there - real estate, organization of files, fighting in Thrones game, talking with friends, etc. Joel Mathis compiles at MacWorld.


For the lovers of words, Thesaurasize app is fun to use. The app says it has the largest collection of traditional and nontraditional synonyms, and growing.

Q (kyoo)

Q is named after the word "queue" and this has a clean, easy swipe-based interface which reminds us of productivity app Q helps creation of subtasks within tasks. It is possible to schedule recurring events and time-based reminders.

Runtastic Six Pack

Stay healthy by exercising and get off those belly fat with the Runtastic Six Pack free app for iPad and iPhone. It features videos and exercises to help the users achieve their exercise goals. Version 2 has "body fat visualization" to let users check on ideal range as well as over 50 news daily tips, instructions in Brazilian Portuguese or Turkish and integration of heart rate.

Real Estate by Redfin

Free Real Estate 4.9 app for iPad and iPhone offers a feature wherein open house schedules in the area are shown to help those seeking for homes. Furthermore, Real Estate features "Recommended for You" for the home seekers.

Next for iPad - Track your expenses and finances

Make sure not to go out of budget by getting help from Next for iPad to track your finances. This app works as a standalone function. It graphs spending data where user can view which areas he spends too much, or see the budget part. Data is exportable to Numbers or Excel spreadsheets backed through iMessage or AirDrop. Also, its synchronization is possible with iCloud.

Game of Thrones Ascent

This is a new game in iPads based on the series on HBO that features 2500 quests, over a million players and hundreds of adventures. Take note, no nudity!


Among the flashier apps seen lately is the FireChat. This app does not need a phone network nor a Wi-Fi to work. You just need to be at a close distance to the other iPhone user also running FireChat and you can talk. It is the Multipeer Connectivity Framework of iOS 7 that FireChat takes advantage from. It is applied in situations wherein friends go to big events but easily get separated. It could be a way of meeting new people too.

 DIY Sun Science

A lot of souls out there are NASA fans. They are thrilled anything about science, space and any app which has cool things about topics like those. DIY Sun Science is a free iOS app from NASA which will help the young users to learn more about the sun - either on their own or in the class room setting. It includes live views of the sun, activities and videos with step-by-step instructions to guide the learning process, such as helping the young ones learn more about the closest star.

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