iOS 8 Newest Rumours: TouchID, Activity Section and WWDC 2014 Reveal Date?

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Now that news of the iOS 8 coming in has become a very likely happening, it seems that Apple users are now also trying to update their phones to the iOS 7.

Originally a hated update due to various issues and design peculiarities, the iOS 7 has now seen a rise in adoption rates, according to MacRumors. The report states that the OS has now seen an 87% rise in adoption, right before the iOS 8 has seem all but confirmed in debuting at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Given the new and rumoured updates and features that the iOS 8 is likely to have, the rate of adoption in terms of the Apple OS may see another rise.

Same look, more features

Unfortunately, if you hated the new look that the iOS 7 brought, this may not likely change with the iOS 8. Know Your Mobile reports that the new update may bring more incremental than revolutionary changes to the OS--and a change in the look is more of the latter.

Considering that the iOS 7's lifespan is not even one year old, and it is the biggest change in the Apple OS looks-wise, it's likely that it will stay on for quite some time. So don't expect the looks of your homescreen to change just yet, as you can see in the screenshots in the link above.

The iOS 8's Healthbook and Activity Section

Among the earlier features that were heard of about the iOS 8 is the Healthbook, which is Apple's way of integrating fitness into the lifestyles of its users.

Basically, Healthbook is an app that pretty much customizes data and statistics for the user, with modifications and customizations allowed so that users can focus on the info that's important to them.

9 to 5 Mac reports that Healthbook can track data for different health-related figures, including blood sugar, oxygen saturation, weight, nutrition, blood pressure, heart rate, and your activity.

The last one has an Activity Section, where your steps can be tracked to see how many miles you've walked and how many calories you've burned. There's also a section for Weight, which may even work with other apps that make use of wireless weight scales to retrieve data from.

An interesting point with the Healthbook is the Emergency Card function, where you can store your information related to your health, so that it can be presented during emergency situations to the proper medical authorities.

TouchID and Notifications

One of the remaining rumours for the iOS 8 are the notifications, which could benefit from an improvement following what's already in the iOS 7. MacWorld points out that a universal control for all the notifications, which is lacking in the iOS 7, would be a good addition to the iOS 8.

There's even a nice concept video created for interactive notifications, as can be seen below.

Apart from the Notifications, another nice addition to the iOS 8 would be the Touch ID feature, particularly the addition of services and apps that will work with Apple's fingerprint sensor, which is already available on the iPhone 5S.

This can start with mobile payments, but can actually expand to a number of other apps, though Apple has not yet specified any plans for the latter.

Reveal date already set?

June 2 may be the date that you need to mark on your calendars, as that may be the time that the iOS 8 will be making its debut to the world.

According to NBC News, Apple will be unveiling not just the iOS 8, but also the new MacBook Air with Retina Display, iWatch, and iPad Pro with keyboard at the WWDC 2014.

However, as far as the actual availability of the iOS 8 is concerned, there have been no announcements or hints as of yet. But if it does make an appearance at the WWDC, it's highly likely that the timeline of release will also be discussed.

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