iOS 8 Credit Scanning Can Be its Best Feature Better Than Android

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Apple Inc
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Apple focused on its software offerings rather than hardware during its Worldwide Developers Conference. The company did not reveal details about its upcoming iPhone 6 line although information about the upcoming iOS 8 should provide a good overview on what people can expect. 

While Apple did not discuss more about the iOS 8 features, developers discovered new feature in the iOS 8 indicating that Apple plans to include credit card scanning capabilities. A number of analysts believe the added feature in the iOS 8 should be one of the best yet and in fact a killer component for iPhone 6. According to 9to5Mac, they have spotted a new feature allowing the iOS 8 Safari browser to scan credit cards. 

 Users only have to scan the card using the handset's built-camera. This can be a convenient feature for those who like to purchase online or cannot remember their credit card number easily. The feature offers a more convenient option than punching the digits manually on the device. 

When people use the feature initially, a dialog prompt will appear asking the user to allow Safari access both to the camera and list of contacts. Apple seemingly tries to verify the scanned data with the contact data. After scanning, the credit card number and name will be uploaded automatically to the given spaces. 

According to Apple Insider, users can find the function under a keyboard option in the iOS 8. The option is labeled as "Scan Credit Card." Once users clicks on the option, the iPhone's rear camera opens to scan the card quickly. More importantly, the report also pointed out that Apple's changes to the iOS 8 can be considered big and small but they focus on thing: convenience. Apple's main goal is to allow users to access information as fast and easy as possible. This is achievable through certain features like credit scanning and multi-tasking view.  

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