iOS 8 Coming This September With New Features; Android Phones Find Ways To Be More Stable And Faster

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Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces the IOS 8 operating system
IN PHOTO: Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces the IOS 8 operating system during his keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California Reuters

Android and iOS has been the top competitors for operating systems used on different smartphones. User reports have helped developers of these operating systems improve and fix bugs in order to provide better service for users.

iOS 8 Beta is now available for developers for $99/year while iOS 8 is said to be released with the new iPhone 6 and will be available from then on.

Crittercism's, a mobile solutions firm, study on crash rates being experienced by Android and iOS users shows a 0.9% difference making Android more than twice stable than Apple's iOS 7.1. Let's just hope that the new iOS 8 will have lesser crash rates than the previous updates.

Here's a list of iOS 8 features, according to TechRadar:

1.    Third-Party Touch-ID Authentication

2.    iOS 8 Camera Time-Lapse Mode

3.    iOS 8 SMS Messages on iPad and Mac

4.    Instant HotSpot Feature

5.    Self-Destructing Inline Voice & Video Messages

6.    Interactive Notifications

7.    Quicktype Keyboard and Extensions

8.    iCloud-enabled iOS Photos App

9.    iOS Family Sharing

10.  Send Last Location Feature

11.  Health App

12.  HomeKit

13.  Siri & Spotlight Updates

14.  Split-Screen Mode

15.  Location-Based Lock Screen

On the other hand, for Android phones that seem to be slowing down, there are ways to speed up your phone for it to be compared with the upcoming iOS 8.

Start by downloading App Cache Cleaner to clear all your caches, remove Android Crapware, and install a new App Launcher, choose from the best android app launchers.

For all recent Android phones, adjusting the settings will also help. Just go to 'Developers options' and change the default settings of Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator animation scale from '1x' to '.5x', reports BRG. This a simple trick to speed up your Android device and have the same speed transition as iPhone iOS 7.1.

To surely maximize the speed of your device, follow these simple instructions:

1.  Remove unnecessary widgets, apps, wallpapers, and shortcuts - They'll just slow you down.

2.  Uninstall applications that aren't being used - You can always download them later if needed.

3.  Delete old messages - But retain important ones.

4.  Transfer pics and videos to your computer - You have more memory storage there than in your phone.

5.  Compress audio files in a smaller bit size - Higher bit size means better quality, but it'll also mean more space. Compress your audio with just the right bit size.

These will surely boost the speed of your Android smartphone.

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