iOS 8 Beta 3: Some of the Features to Look Forward to

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Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces the IOS 8 operating system
IN PHOTO: Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces the IOS 8 operating system during his keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California Reuters

Apple has released the Beta 3 version of its iOS 8 which comes with quite a few new features along with the usual bug fixes, reports BGR. In essence, the beta releases are intended for use by developers on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices and are not meant for the general public. In short, it might not be worth paying the $99 annual fee it takes to download the beta 3 from Apple, more so for novice users.

Having said that, there are always some enthusiasts who are eager to try these out just to find out what's new on offer. However, beta releases are almost always likely to be heavily bugged, which means getting back to the iOS 7.1 will always be a good idea until the final version of iOS 8 is made available. But for those who are curious, here is a compilation of what iOS 8 beta 3 has to offer.


Among the biggest changes to be witnessed on iOS 8 beta 3 is the inclusion of iCloud Drive icon in the iCloud Drive settings menu. According to the Cult of Mac, It will be operated via a toggle switch which users will be able to turn on or off to allow access to apps to store documents in the cloud.

M7 Co-processor feeding health apps:

The new update also enables iPhone to gather health related data such as steps taken or distance covered via the M7 co-processor. This will ensure health and fitness related app to not being solely dependent on the upcoming iWatch for such information.

Picture recycle bin:

Picture that might have been deleted accidentally can be brought back thanks to a new feature introduced in the update. Its somewhat akin to the Recycle bin that Windows desktop users get to have. This will be managed by introducing a timing scheme which will let the users know how much time is left before the picture is deleted permanently. Also, Shared Photo Streams will now be referred to as Shared Albums.

Weather Channel better organised:

Weather details are better presented with iOS Beta 3, with the data now being center aligned, which makes it look cool. The update also brings along a new wallpaper with a greyish-white color scheme. In addition, there are some tweaks in the notification center as well.

Audio/Video Messages:

Users will also have the option to keep audio and video messages which earlier got deleted to conserve memory. 

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