iOS 8 is All About Health: What to Expect with The Healthbook App Possibly on the iPhone 6

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If the iOS 7 was about revamping the overall look of the iOS as well as allowing Apple its first step into a stronger mobile gaming scene, iOS 8 may be all about health and wellness for iOS users.

As far as progress for the iOS 8 is concerned, Apple seems to have taken considerably big steps, starting with The Healthbook app that seems to be looking like a potential rival to Samsung's S Health.

StuffTV reports that Healthbook is almost like a complete health app, wherein users can track heart rate, hydration levels, glucose levels and blood pressure, to name a few--and these can be done with the use of the iWatch.

Given the existence of a detailed Health app for the iOS 8, it's highly likely that the iWatch is indeed in development already, even though other wearable watch technology like the iBGStar is said to be compatible with the new feature.

Macworld adds that proof of the development of the health-inclined iOS 8 and the tracking device may be traced to M7 chip that has been part of the latest iPhone model. Apparently, this chip already accesses and measures data like the accelerometer and gyroscope, which can be very valuable with health tracking.

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What The Healthbook can be for health enthusiasts

With iOS 8 as the supposed jump-off point for health in Apple's latest endeavor, it seems that the newest iPhone 6 may also play a hand in making the health measurements possible, not unlike what Samsung has done for its Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Gear devices.

According to Gotta Be Mobile, there is already a potential list of what the new iOS 8 and The Healthbook app can do. Some of these include counting the steps taken by the users, the calories burned, the weight lost and the miles walked, for those who are concerned with their weight and overall metabolism.

There may also even be a medication tracking with reminders, which can help those who always need to take meds and have to be reminded of them every so often.

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It seems that, apart from the iWatch as a health tracker, the build of the iOS 8 is also geared towards tracking fitness data, though Apple has yet to announce specifically what the new iOS 8 will be able to measure.

iWatch: What could be expected from Apple

There have been several rumours about the iWatch, despite the lack of official announcements from Apple regarding the device.

For the most part, the speculations have yielded the size of anything between 1.3 to a 2-inch screen for the device. Digital Trends also reports that there is a possibility of it being a P-OLED display and using the same materials that have been used to create the screen on LG's G Flex.

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The report has also yielded the possibility of sapphire crystal panels from GT Advanced to ensure durability of the screen.

Aside from this, there have also been rumours of wireless charging for the iWatch, with flexible battery packs supposedly making a debut. While the idea of a pad being used as a charging mechanism to avoid cables, the Digital Trends has also pushed forward the idea of solar and kinetic charging for the iWatch, since the battery consumption will surely blaze through with all the health-tracking potentially involved.

Just like the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which offers an array of colours, it is also likely that Apple will showcase different colour versions for its iWatch.

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