iOS 7.1 Update: System Crashes Reduced But iPhone Users Still Experience Glitches

By @judithaparri on

Apple's release of IOS 7.1 has fixed several bugs and crashes affecting mobile platforms. But many iPhone users still claimed to experience glitches.

iPhone users reached out to various threads, Apple Insider and Apple's support forums to report their glitches. Topping the issues is apps or the touchscreen becoming non-responsive. Some experience freezes regularly after notifications pop out at the top of their screens.

Some said system lockups and freezes with the operating system cause their handsets to lockscreen and be non-responsive. Others noted they have to restart their units so these will go back to normal. Also, some reported users experienced the virtual onscreen keyboard froze and stopped accepting inputs.

The touch ID scanner is another source of problem. iPhone 5S users experience touch ID fingerprint scanner issues only after the iOS 7.1 update. They said nothing happens when they place their finger on the sensor. This has been managed by some who cited they rescanned their fingerprints to the system and this fixed the problem.

But others still fail to resolve the issue this way, and even by doing some tweaks in the settings of touch ID. There were also battery life shortage issues after iOS 7.1 update which seemed to be the tradeoff for a smoother and more stable operating system.

Apparently, the iOS 7.1 update served its aim to reduce previous crashes on the Apple's mobile OS. Crittercism showed recently new stats that iOS 7 app crash rate was above 2 percent and it became 1.6 percent after iOS 7.1, which in this case gave more points to the update.

For those who find their iPhone's condition better before the update would wish for a rollback. How could they rollback? There is no rollback even if the update brings big disaster, which is not the case for iOS 7.1.

The point however is there is no rollback because software developers assume that the most recent version is the greatest one, when at times, it is not. This is usually true with smartphones and tablets. No rollbacks.

But still, there are bugs and glitches and the users need another update, the sooner the better.

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