iOS 7 Updated GBA4iOS 2.0 Gameboy Emulator Available for Download with No Jailbreaking Required

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iOS users can now download and use popular Gameboy Advance emulator without risking the device on jailbreaking. GBA emulator supports popular games from platforms of Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Colour and Gameboy original.

Gameboy Advance Emulator for iOS

Riley Testut, an independent developer polished his much awaited update on Gameboy emulator called GBA4iOS. He made the emulator support games from multiple platforms including Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Colour and original Gameboy console according to CNET.

Testut updated the version to 2.0 and now contains all-new fresh features compared to the last version for iOS devices.

1.      Redesigned looks and user interface

2.      UI design is now based on iOS 7

3.      Built-in Web browser now included

4.      Downloading games can be done via built-in browser

5.      Fully optimised function for iPads or other larger screen iOS-running devices

6.      Cheat codes support is enabled for five different formats

7.      Customisation of skin supported

8.      Dropbox Syncing

9.      Event distribution

10.  iOS controller support

11.  More user friendly than the previous version

GBA4iOS System Requirements

Since the user interface on the new update is based on iOS 7, iPhone and iPad users are required to update their devices as well to the latest iOS 7 in order to use the game. But owners shouldn't be worried if jailbreaking is required because the developer don't need you to do so.

It also doesn't matter which iOS device you want to use for playing classical Gameboy games due to the fully optimised environment of GBA4iOS app.

App Functionality

On top of several features thanks to the new update of the Testut, here are basic functions you are going to get using GBA4iOS.

-          Screen orientation modes supported

-          Auto-saving

-          Downloads for controller's skin

-          Quick access for ROM downloads and storage

-          In-app specific features depending on the game

Downloading GBA4iOS

GBA4iOS isn't downloaded via App Store and so Testut managed to bypass the security implementation of unknown source installation which jailbreaking is so famour for. Installation of the app requires some expertise but once completed, downloading and playing unlicensed Nintendo Gameboy titles won't be a problem.

You can visit the GBA4iOS official Web site in order to download the app's version 2.0 for iOS 7 running devices. Also, owners of iOS devices which are locked up to iOS 6 only may also download and use GBA4iOS version 1.6.2 designed for the past OS with compatible saving state feature and original skins.

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