iOS 7 Jailbreak Update: What to Expect?

By @binibiningkd on

The iOS 7 has been out for Apple users for a couple of months already. Packed with a handful of new features shifting from the previous bubbly look to the more minimalist and simple design the iOS 7 has a lot to offer to Apple users.

Although the latest OS from Apple is not quite perfect, you can always opt for jailbreak to fix its flaws. Bad news is, even after a couple of months already, the iOS 7 is still not up for jailbreak. There is still no sign of the jailbreak coming but hopefully, the jailbreak comes during the first quarter of 2014.  Here are some tweaks that we expect to see from the coming iOS 7 jailbreak.

Control Centre Customisation

Undoubtedly, the Control Centre is one of most used features in the new iOS 7 but it could still use a bunch of customisation. Customisation could be the cherry on top of the almost seemingly perfect Control Centre. Additional customisation abilities on the Control Centre would be great to see.

AirDrop to Older Devices

Although the AirDrop was big addition to the iOS line, it is a bit hard to find someone to use the feature with, especially that it only works with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. Moreover, not being used on iOS and OS X makes it even harder to use and appreciate. Having AirDrop on jailbreak tweak can definitely make the feature more useful than it is now.

Multitasking Tray Overhaul

Relative to the older iOS versions, the Multitasking tray in the iOS 7 has already undergone an overhaul. However, this can still be considered limited especially when you take into consideration the wide array of things that you can do with its current design.

iPhone 5s Camera Features to Older Devices

There is a bunch of camera features exclusive to the iPhone 5s, which includes instant camera filters and the new Burst Mode. The only chance that these exclusive features can be seen on the older iOS devices is through a jailbreak. 

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