iOS 7 Jailbreak Update: iOS 7 Cydia Tweaks That You Shouldn't Miss

By @binibiningkd on

With tons of great Cydia apps and tweaks available, looking for the best are quite an essential task. Here are some of important Cydia apps and tweaks that you wouldn't want to miss as they fix real issues and improve your iOS 7 experience:


SlideForUsage is an app switcher allowing users to swipe on the listed pages to kill the apps with a simple gesture. Swiping down the app pages leads to a simple rubber banding animation with no effect in the app linked with the page. The basic premise behind SlideForUsage is to gain extra functionality from swiping down the pages in the app switcher. This allows users to view basic usage stats for the applications listed in the app switcher.


iCaughtU is an app that takes a picture with the front camera when somebody enters a wrong passcode in your device then it sends the photo along with the location and map to you via email. This jailbreak app also does not allow a person to turn off the iOS device when it is locked. The iCaughtU is available for free on Cydia but you can also have the iCaughtPro for $2.5 with additional features like sending SMS when the password entered is wrong and sending the time and location when sending the email.


Dimmer is an app designed to control the brightness of your screen, particularly to reduce the brightness beyond the hardware. This app can dim LCD, LED and TFT screens in total darkness even when the minimum brightness of your device is too much. Dimmer will not damage your screen rather it will save backlight and energy by emitting less radiation.

Browser Changer

If you prefer Chrome over Safari, this app is for you. Browser Changer is an app that can make Chrome as your default browser and also avail the facilities employed by Safari as Chrome's.

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