iOS 7 Jailbreak Update: Evasi0n iOS 7 JB Reportedly Stolen; Will It Derail Team Evad3rs or Will Release of iOS 7.1 Beta 2 Speed Things Up?

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Two important things happened last week that likely will dictate on the next developments regarding the Evasi0n iOS 7 jailbreak release date, which has become quite a drag even for the faithful believers of the famed Team Evad3rs.

Reports emerged that the Evasi0n iOS 7 jailbreak was lost or stolen, which quickly sparked speculations that the much-awaited iPhone, iPad and iPod unlocker will not see the light of the day - not this 2013, not in 2014 or not in the near future.

The claims, according to, came from Stefan Esser, who uses the Twitter handle i0n1c in making his thoughts known to the jailbreak community. Per Esser's tweet on Dec 12: "So apparently someone around the @evad3rs stole a jailbreak from them and sold it to a private buyer."

While the reported theft was met with relative pessimism, as Esser is described by a the report as a notorious troll within the jailbreak circle, the implications seem big enough for those waiting to ditch the stock iOS 7 that has been in circulation for a number of months already.

It would mean that they'd be anticipating in vain.

However, Evad3rs' pod2g was quick to deny of the alleged pilferage, telling iDesignTimes that the allegations being aired by Esser were without any basis. The dev even assured that everything in the Team Evad3rs is doing great and "the jailbreak stuff is moving on."

He admitted though that the pace has been slower than intended. To which, Esser fired back: "The only way the @evad3rs  could be sure that no one stole their JB exploits is if they have nothing at all to steal."

This tweet, according to, was posted Dec 13.

And on the same Friday the 13th, Apple seeded to developers Beta 2 of the 120MB iOS 7.1 update patch, which for the jailbreak community could signal the release of the Christmas gift they have been wanting to unwrap.

It has been suggested that work on the iPhone and iPad unlocker is largely completed save for some finishing touches that the Evd3rs will apply once final iOS 7.1 build is out. Yet according to Gotta Be Mobile, the Gold Master version of Apple's latest mobile platform will not come out until late January 2014.

That would mean a couple more of iOS 7.1 beta releases, which for the jailbreakers translate to a bit more of waiting time.

Most likely, the Evasi0n solution will not be cracked come Christmas time and even New Year this 2013, which should cast a gloomy cloud on millions of iOS device users already grappling with the possibility that iH8Snow will not be able to meet his ETA for the iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak.

Or perhaps, jailbreakers should stop hoping at all as reports pointed to the possibility that a barrage of beta iOS 7.1 releases in the months ahead will allow Apple to keep Team Evad3rs at bay, eventually beating the group with the release of iOS 8 and iPhone 6.

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