Invasive Jewellery That Punctures Your Skin Can Turn Your Body Into A Live Battery

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The Israeli designer, Naomi Kizhner managed to raise a few eyebrows literally when she created a range of fashion accessories, which she says can turn your body into a live battery if you allow these invasive accessories to puncture your skin.

The innovative designer who came up with her Energy Addicts range as a graduate project hopes to offer a new meaning and beauty to the topic of renewable energy. If the jewellery is inserted into the veins of those who wish to try out these, the blood flow and the body movements turn a small wheel inside the design to trigger the production of kinetic energy, which in turn can produce electricity.

"There are lots of developments of renewable energy resources, but the human body is a natural resource for," Naomi says via Metro

This exciting range of jewellery, which can tap energy from the human body and convert it into electricity is not for the faint hearted for sure. One of her designs 'Blood Bridge' has spikes on each end which is inserted into a vein on the lower arm.  The invasive jewellery collection can produce electricity from the kinetic power, which is produced from the body's involuntary movements. Though the whole process might sound scary and creepy, wearing the industrial designer's collection is not overly painful.

The blood flow when the accessory puncture the veins set in motion the inbuilt golden wheel in the design, which would eventually produce electrical  power harnessed from the  kinetic energy produced from the involuntary movements of the body. Though the whole process might make any ordinary Joe squirm with pain and fear the process shouldn't be too painful.  

The collection, which is aptly named Energy Addicts, has three designs to choose from at present. The first one is Blood Bridge, which has a spiked design and is to be inserted into the veins on your lower arm.  Blinker is another prominent piece, which can be inserted into the bridge of your eyes. E-pulse Conductor is the last one in the range of these fashion statements By Naomi. Inserted on the top of your back, it charges itself with the energy from the nerves of your spinal cord.

If you thought that the energy addict range of jewellery is purely functional you could be in for a surprise. The golden sheen and fine details make these designs stand out even in a trendy jewellery shop!   

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