Introducing the iPhone 6 Air by Sam Beckett

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Just recently, the internet was in a buzz when a video of designer Sam Beckett was on the Internet, gathering together in one design all the rumours about iPhone 6 that were scattering around. The biggest rumour so far is the retina display and screen size. When Apple is still tweaking on the handset, it might not bring them any good as the smartphone market becomes more saturated. One thing Apple is very good at though is it listens to the consumers and apply relevant ideas to its design.

Beckett's iPhone Air

The device in the video Beckett created is an impressive and realistic concept video of the iPhone 6 which he calls "iPhone Air". It suggests that Apple increase display size by 17 per cent and the pixels by 68 per cent. The handset has eliminated visible edges.

Design Specs

Becket envisioned a 1920 x 1080 resolution 4.7-inch sapphire crystal display, at 468 pixels per inch density. The bezels are lessened so there will be no frame around the screen. Beckett predicts a handset that is packed with a 10MP camera with an enhanced aperture of f/1.8 plus a faster A8 chip. There is the touch ID sensor which we can find in iPhone 5S. Design wise, this unit is more of iPhone 4 and 4S with the glass covering the back portion. The iPhone Air is glossy, compared to the matte look of 5S.

Video Teaser

Though the video gives an amazing viewing moment of iPhone 6, it should be taken with a grain of salt as the design is mostly from one person, not the one endorsed by Apple. However, it still attracts several legitimate rumours that are making the rounds.

Yet screen size is not the only thing that consumers would consider after all. They will also be interested in speed and faster processing.

While everyone would love to have a sneak peak of iPhone 6, but the reality is the Cupertino firm has the final say of when it will open the doors for the handset to come out and might be impressed with what Beckett has over the weekend. It is worth noting that Beckett gets the idea from others and made his design according to what customers expect to see in Apple's next flagship phone - kind of a dream handset.

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