Intoxicated Passenger Faces Criminal Charges After Getting Booted Out of London-Bound American Airlines

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A 35-year old American man currently faces legal charges, following his violent behaviour aboard a London-bound American Airlines flight.

The American Airlines Flight 86 was forced to make an emergency landing over the weekend in Newfoundland, Canada, because Derek Olson became unruly and would not follow crew instructions. There were 187 other passengers aboard the Boeing 777.

The Global Post, citing Constable Sheldon Walsh, said the unruly Mr Olson was intoxicated, cursing and arguing with other passengers.

Mr Olson would not listen to flight crew, refused to stay in his seat, and became violent, eventually damaging a plane seat.

"He was intoxicated on the flight and causing some issues to the flight crew there, and was detained by the flight crew with the help of some passengers," Constable J.B. Clermont of the Gander Detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said.

Kent Powell, airline spokesman, said refusing to follow instructions on a flight, even as simple as remaining seated, is a criminal offense.

The plane made its emergency landing just after midnight at Gander International Airport.

The flight immediately proceeded to its destination once the unruly passenger was removed. It landed in London on early Sunday.

Mr Olson is scheduled to appear on Tuesday before the Gander provincial court for a bail hearing.

Mr Clermont said Mr Olson faces charges of mischief, causing a disturbance and, under the Canadian Aeronautics Act, endangering an operation of a flight.

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