Interrupted DOTA Game Causes 17-Year-Old to Kill Granny (VIDEOS)

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In February, many people believed a hoax story that a Chicago teen killed his brother for getting a high score on Flappy Birds. The story seemed so credible because in real life there have been incidents of people killing their own siblings or relatives over winged creatures.

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This time, it's for real. ABS-CBN reports that a 17-year-old Filipino killed his own grandmother, who raised him from childhood because his parents are separated, for interrupting his Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) game on Friday night.


Police Officer 3 Jaime de Jesus said the 68-year-old woman died on the spot due to wounds sustained on her head, neck and chest, while she also had wounds on her arms as she tried to defend herself from the attack. Two crustal vases were used in the attack.

Reports said the granny, Estelita Novilla, fetched her grandson at 6 pm at a computer shop where he was playing the popular computer game. Upon reaching their home at Batasan Hills, she scolded him which provoked the attack.

The police said the teen told them he blacked out and he remembers only cleaning the pool of blood caused by the attack. The washbasin used for cleaning the mess was found beside his grandmother's body.

The teen went to his aunt's house after and confessed to his crime, which prompted the aunt, Editha Novilla, to call village officials and the police. He is now in the custody of social workers. Despite the family's disinterest, police said they will file parricide charges against the erring youth who often skipped classes before he eventually dropped out of school.

His delinquent ways appears to be the reason why his grandmother nagged him often.

In June 2013, a rapper named Lil Snupe was allegedly killed over a video game.

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