Interpol Recommends Multinational Probe to Trace Foley Executioner: UK Muslims Assure Full Support

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Fighters of the Islamic State stand guard at a checkpoint in the Northern Iraq City of Mosul
Fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) stand guard at a checkpoint in the northern Iraq city of Mosul, June 11, 2014. Picture taken June 11, 2014. REUTERS/Robert Stringer

The international police organisation (Interpol) has called for a global response to the threat posed by Islamic extremists in the aftermath of the brutal beheading of US journalist James Foley, reported AFP.

Ronald Noble, the chief of Interpo,l in a statement, said the barbaric murder of James Foley exposed the depths of depravity by Islamic State militants.

As the available evidence points to the executioner being a British citizen, Noble called for a multilateral response against the terror posed by radicalised transnational fighters huddled in the conflict zones of Middle East.

British Muslims Offer Cooperation

Meanwhile, the Muslim leaders in Britain urged people to alert police on any information they come across, with regard to the identity of the executioner in the video with an English accent.

The Muslim Council of Britain condemned the abhorrent murder of James Foley in Syria and called for united action by Muslims to stop the poison of extremism infiltrating in their communities.

It described the violence by IS militants on minorities, civilians, and on fellow Muslims as psychopathic.

Iqbal Sacranie, the adviser of the Council, told the Evening Standard newspaper that anyone who can recognise the man in the video must contact the police.

UK authorities are already examining the Jihadi's voice and comparing it with those on their data base to establish his identity, the official said. Britain has 2.7 million Muslims in its population of 63 million.  

Hostage Gives Clue

Meanwhile the Guardian newspaper reported that a former hostage has identified the masked man in the video. According to the former hostage, the British jihadi is the leader of three other Britons who are assigned the task of guarding foreign nationals in Raqqa city, which is an IS stronghold in Syria. The trio had nicknames after the Beatles: John, Paul and Ringo. The trio is said to be very brutal towards the hostages.

Ghaffar Hussain, leader of a counter-extremism think-tank called Quilliam, said it was inevitable that people who fought in Syria and elsewhere would come back and launch attacks in Europe. Hussain said it was very disturbing that people born and raised in Britain and attended the same schools as others in UK are getting indoctrinated to the extent of raping women and chopping heads.

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