Internet Dating Site 'Bug Chaser Personals' Encourage Gay Men HIV+ for Convenient Medical Care & Social Benefits

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Internet Web site called "Bug Chaser Personals" puts life on the edge by allowing a member to hook up with an HIV-Positive individual. Bug Chaser Personals take members to meet men who enjoy risk taking inside and outside of the bedroom.

Bug Chaser Personals - HIV Partner Web site?

Bug Chaser Personals is the number one Web site for everyone who wants to have sex with people who are HIV positive. According to their statement below the site's page, HIV is not a taboo like it was decades ago and now there are treatments and drugs which slow down the disease's progress which allow one to have a normal - and love life as well.

Bug Chaser Personals is not exclusive for the member of LGBT community but also accept heterosexual members and couples with or without HIV or STD.

Alarming Growth of "Bug Chasers"

A leading scientist has expressed alarm at a trend in the Western world in which gay men use social networks to seek HIV-carrying sex partners in order to get infected. Bug Chasers are often motivated by a desire to secure life-long medical care and social welfare benefits.

Francoise Barré-Sinoussi, a Nobel Prize winner in medicine and French virologist, was unhappy to see such abuse of valuable medical resources and warned that people doing it might not be well informed of all the risks.

"Bugchasing" also got trending in Facebook as one group was recently set up and received more than 1,200 "likes". Another Web site in the United States promotes the idea and have more than 5,000 registered members.

In the United Kingdom, some participants told to the local media that they wanted to get infected to receive "a better quality of life because of the free medication."

"Of course, most patients who are on treatment are doing very well. But there are other health implications," according to Barré-Sinoussi who delivered a speech at the University of Hong Kong Pasteur Research Centre, quoted by SCMP.

"People should not overlook the side effects of the treatment. About 8 to 15 per cent of HIV-positive people on treatment will more likely die from cancer or other ageing diseases than normal people because of the side effects," Francoise Barré-Sinoussi explained.

Effect of Anti-HIV Drugs

HAART or Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy is a combination of multiple drugs to counter or control HIV infection in a person. HAART treatment benefits include reduced risk of transmitting the virus to another person and managing the effects of HIV infection for the longest possible time. However, HAART can impose several side effects to the patient such as:

-          Abdominal pain

-          Anaemia

-          Cardiovascular disease or heart attack (cardiac infarction)

-          Diarrhoea

-          Vertigo

-          Fanconi syndrome

-          Hepatitis

-          Jaundice to liver failure

-          Migraines

-          Myopathy

-          Oral ulcers

-          Pancreatitis

-          Kidney Failure

-          Stevens-Johnson syndrome (life-threatening allergic reaction to drugs or medication)

-          Vomiting

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