Intel’s Next Generation Skylake Processors On Schedule Next Year

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Intel CEO Brian Krzanich delivers his keynote address during the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada January 6, 2014. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith Reuters

Intel will be launching its much awaited Skylake processors next year, reported IDG News. The clarification puts to rest all concerns on a possible delay after problems in its Broadwell chip surfaced.  According to Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, the release of Skylake will be finalized in the second half of this year based on process readiness and product readiness.

Skylake Architecture

The efforts of Intel to free wires from PCs will start with Skylake. Intel plans to deliver a Skylake-based reference design for wireless docking, display and data transfers. Skylake will be based on a brand new micro-architecture under the 14-nanometer process. Skylake chip will be in use for DDR4 memory.

Successor to Broadwell

Current Intel PC chips are code-named Haswell. This will be followed by Broadwell and then Skylake will follow. Intel's spokesman made it clear though some problems are there with Broadwell it will not push back Skylake and it will be on schedule.

The delay in Broadwell will make it restricted to some thin and light PCs but not in laptops and desktops immediately. Broadwells shipments are reportedly hit by manufacturing issues at its 14-nanometer manufacturing process.

Intel in a New Direction

According to Don Clark, blogger, Wall Street Journal Intel is going full steam on customizing its processors shedding the image of a cookie-cutter computer chips maker.

Accordingly Intel is packaging its standard server processors with a different class of chip which can be electrically programmed to handle calculations. Intel claims that a combo can drive web companies and others to high performance in various tasks. Intel is also on its way to customize options for Xeon line with customers trying to build specialized circuitry which customers can design themselves.


In the dual chip combination called FPGA Intel is showing the way for customers to adapt the functions just like changing a piece of software. They can modify programming instructions in servers without hardware modifications in case of any change in software or business problems.

Energy Efficiency

Intel is paying a big attention to energy efficiency in its new chips. Skylake is expected to be faster and more power efficient than Broadwell with great be improvements on the graphics also. 

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