Intel Launches the Itanium 9500 Future Generation Processors

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Speed enthusiasts would be happy to know that top chipmaker Intel just launched a new processor called Itanium 9500 series which belongs to 64-bit family. According to Intel, the new processor offers up to 2.4 times performance scaling and 33 per cent faster Input and output speed versus its previous generation.

The Intel Itanium processor 9500 series promises to enhance performance and increase reliability, availability, and serviceability capabilities.

Intel is one of the most known makers of processors when computer technology began. Its products range from computers to mobile devices such as the Intel Atom installed in branded smartphones.

The newly launched processor is the brain of a computer and selected electronic devices such as phones, tablets and gaming consoles. It is commonly referred to as the central processing unit or CPU, responsible for executing orders addressed by the users such as opening the SMS, launching a browser, or loading games. Without it, the devices could not "think".

Intel Core i3/i5/i7

These set of processors from Intel are made for laptop and desktop computers. It is known to be very fast and stable compared to their previous generations. The changes between the previous ones and the Intel Core i3, i5, i7 are faster speed, less heat, less energy needed, and some special features. For users who demands speed, these new generations would likely satisfy their needs.

Intel Turbo Boost Technology

Many computer users may be curious why most units offer only dual-core or quad core processors when they can also buy these new generation processors which are expensive. As mentioned, special functions are offered by this new generation model, the Intel Turbo Boost Technology.

A dual core processor can handle one task per each core at a time, the processor heats up when tasks are queued but the speed may still be the same. Using Turbo Boost will allow the processors to adjust depending on the user's demand. It will dynamically increase the frequency when workload calls for faster performance and all cores will adjust to meet the needs for the workload. This means the cores will work together to do whatever the user wants it to do.

Intel Hyper-Threading Technology

Another function of the Intel Core i3, i5, i7 is Hyper-Threading. This is complicated to think about because it entails the architecture of the processor itself. The gain here is when the user launches a program, the virtual memory known as RAM, which delivers this instruction to the CPU, and the CPU uses multiple thread flow instead of limited or singular ones to finish the task sooner than the usual time. This also allows it to carry the capacity of a processor, meaning several processors work together instead of accepting one task at a time.

Other Intel Processors

Processors are different depending on which type of devices; it is not simply put it there and the speed goes up. Too much speed from the processor can drain much energy, and causes more heat, leading to burning the motherboard. That's why manufacturers create different kinds of processors per device..

Processor Label

Devices Using

Special Features

Intel Atom

Netbooks, mobile devices

Ultra-low voltage

Intel Celeron

X86 (32-bit) computers

Low end devices, economic

Intel Pentium Pro, I, II, III, IV

X86 (32-bit) computers

Low to mid range devices

Intel Xeon

X86 for non-consumer workstation and server

More cache memory than desktop computers

Intel Core, Core 2 Duo, Core Quad

X64 or X86 devices

Mid-range to High end capability

Intel Core i3, i5, i7

X64 devices

Performance adaptability, Intel Turbo Boost, Intel Hyper-Threading Technology

Intel Itanium


Multiprocessing for host computers

Intel Itanium 9500 processor series price range is from $1,350 to $4,650 in quantities of 1,000 units.

Intel, however, suffered a 5 per cent decline in its third-quarter revenue to $13.5 billion compared to the same quarter in 2011 due to weaker PC sales, causing an almost 50 per cent decline in Intel's share price.

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