Intel Haswell Core i3 and Core i7-4771 Processors Coming to Stores on September 1

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Intel has been making waves since it released the 4th generation processor Haswell. Nearly every ultrabook and portable computer out on the market is running on Haswell. As the chip giant continues to emphasize its dominance over processors and computing devices, Intel is not stopping.  The company intends to release more upgrades and new products throughout the coming period. This September, two new processors will hit the market.

The new Core i7-4771 will be the replacement of the Core i7-4770. It has only been three months since the latter was released by Intel is introducing its upgraded version already. The new core i7-4771 has similar specs including the 100 MHz core bump of 3.5 GHz base. Turbo frequency is also at at 3.9 GHz.

The main difference between the two processors is the locked multiplier in the newest edition. This provides a 84W TDP and an HD 4600 graphics clocked at 1200 MHz. Intel is offering an attractive deal considering the pricing for their new Core i7-4771 is the same with the Core i7-4770 (Non-K).

The Haswell Core i3 along with the Pentium Lineup is the company's answer to what many people have been demanding all this time. The new Haswell Core i3 has five parts lineup. This processor features 3 standard and 3 low power. The Haswell based Pentium group on the other hand also has the same five parts. It comes with 3 standard and 3 low power as well.

A week following the release of the latest Haswell components, Intel is planning on introducing their HEDT platform. The project is dubbed "Ivy Bridge-E." The offering will include the K lineup series like the Core i7-4930K, Core i7-4960X and Core i7-4820K.

Suffice to say, Intel has been working on several upgrades and innovative solutions to computing and even mobile devices. Recent reports noted the company's plans in trying their hands in the mobile device chips. With the release of Haswell and the processor delivering promise, tech consumers can expect a lot from the company these coming quarters. 

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