Install Android Apps To Your Apple Mac OS Or Windows PC: How To Install

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Android has been rivaling iPhone and iOS for years. Some sources claimed it has taken over Apple finally. While some still like to argue that Apple is holding its ground, it cannot be denied how Android has gone. The OS has millions of users. For those who prefer to use Android apps despite using a Windows or Apple device, you can now add these apps. 

Users who want to have Android programs can now do so with their Windows 8 tablet, Mac or personal computer. Users can now sync their programs for backup or when used primarily. These also include applications previously paid for. 


BlueStacks is a free app player that allows to use the Android apps on a Windows 8 tablet and other personal computing devices. The app can be downloaded for free. To download the application and begin running Android apps on a device follow these instructions:

1.  Visit BlueStacks webpage and choose the download file needed. There are several download options for Windows XP, Vista, Win 7/8 or Mac OSX.

2.  Follow the Wizard and start installing the BlueStacks application.

3.  Users must look into the App Store Access, including the app notification boxes. Choose install and allow the program to download.

4.  Once downloaded, open the file and choose My Apps tile. Go to the App Search button and look for a preferred Android app. Click the install button beside the search result.

5.   Select an App Store from the given choices. It is best for users to select programs they have been running on their other Android devices like Google Play. It will be easier to run them on a different platform.

6.   Input requested account details like Google account. Let the program sync with the device.

7.   Choose Finish Setup and click and agree on any provided terms and conditions. Choose Continue after.

8.   Try to search for another application. Accept then choose Download. Once the file has been downloaded, open the program. This time search will be under the store chosen. 

People can now use their preferred Android apps on their Macintosh or Windows computer. It is important for users to understand that providers of installations and updates cannot be held responsible for what happens to their devices following installation. Users can install the application at their own risk. 

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