Instagram Answer to Snapchat in Australia

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There is good news for Australians looking for a slight change in their present photo sharing Apps. An all new instant photo sharing App is here brought to you by Instagram.

Instagram has launched its own version of Snapchat. Bolt is now available in Australia especially for users addicted to staying in touch with their loved ones constantly.

Bolt is already being introduced in Singapore, New Zealand and South Africa. Now, Australians can also get their hands on it. It works on iOS and Android versions of the smartphone.

Like many other photo-sharing social networking services, Bolt allows users to snap a photo and send it to the group of friends and enjoy their pics as well.

All you have to do is to register yourself on Bolt using a phone number and not a Facebook or Instagram log in.

Once you click a photo on your phone, Bolt uses your contact list to create a rooster to send the pic across. Once the pic is clicked, you will see your contact list at the bottom of the screen below the pic. Just one tap and the photo or video will be received at their end.

One swipe at the screen on the photo and it will be deleted from your phone. Users can reply directly by sending another pic or video. Also, you can add a text or caption with the photo.

Bolt has many similarities to Snapchat so comparisons are inevitable. Since it relies on the phone numbers stored on the user's phone as to operate, it will not be successful on tablets.

Since the photo is deleted at just one swipe, users are still cautioned to not share any private intimate pics as the photos remain in the system and can be misused.

Many other photos sharing Apps are available and users are spoilt for choices. Just two months ago, 'Moment' was launched by popular hook up app Tinder allowing it's users to share their photos with Tinder matches.

Facebook's photo sharing App is known as Slingshot. It has a weird feature wherein it does not allow you to view others pics unless you send one too, creating ambience of photo sharing experience.

According to Snapchat, in May 2014, its users were sending about 700 million photos and videos per day. Emergence of these instant photo sharing Apps has led to the fad of selfie which is immensely hit among masses as well as celebrities.

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