Inspiring Reverse Poem of a 14 year-old Boy Goes Viral

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At the tip of Jordan Nichols pen, life can be seen either positively or negatively-at least to those who were able to read the "secret" message of the poem he wrote. The secret is no secret after-all, it can be unlocked by reading the poem from the bottom to the top. Yes, the poem can be read in two ways.

Fourteen-year old Nichols' poem became viral after his brother Derek, uploaded an image of his write-up on the social media network, Twitter. The lad's tweet has received around 146,933 retweets and 151,811 favourites.

The poem is titled "Our Generation," and reading it from the top to bottom can give the reader an idea that the writer is a pessimist. "Our generation will be known for nothing," starts the line, and in the eye of a 14-year old boy from North Carolina, readers may feel his frustrations in the generation he is in. However, there is a beautiful twist that can be found at the end of the poem, an advice that says "Read from bottom to top now."

Reading the poem from bottom to top shows the poet's hope and belief that the humankind can succeed. In his poem, Jordan leaves readers a message to ponder with an inspiring line; "Forgetting about that time, is a dumb thing to do, being loving, respectful, and kind, is the way to go."

The poem's viral success, on the other hand did not leave the eyes of the critics. Various reports compared Jordan's poem to Jonathan Reed's "Lost Generation", which also shows a pessimist point of view until read backwards. Derek, took his brother side, defending Jordan and saying the poem is original. He also thanked the people who defended his brother from the claims.

When the post went viral, Derek joked that his hand is all over the internet. Succeeding tweets show Derek's unbelief of his brother's instant fame.

Since Jordan is a famous poet now, he better do my English homework for me," Derek quips on Twitter.

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