Inspiring Cancer Patient Stephen Sutton Dies; Social Media Says Goodbye

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Stephen Sutton has remained strong and positive throughout his battle with cancer for the last three years, but dying turns out inevitable for the young fundraiser who has raised more than £3 million for Teenage Cancer Trust.

The 19-year-old teen from Birmingham died "peacefully in his sleep" on Wednesday morning, May 14. His mother took it to Facebook to inform all supporters that Stephen Sutton passed away.

"My heart is bursting with pride but breaking with pain for my courageous, selfless, inspirational son who passed away peacefully in his sleep in the early hours of this morning, Wednesday 14th May," Sutton's mother shared on Facebook.

Sutton's mother also pointed out the unending support and love for his son, saying that it helped his son throughout his journey and that it will also help Stephen Sutton's family during this difficult time.

The young fundraiser appears to have never given up. His last days were spent not venting out his anger or lashing out at people for the unfortunate disease that has been eating him up. Instead, Stephen Sutton's last post on social media, documenting his coming back to the hospital due to difficulty in breathing, was dated May 11, and it has been nothing but inspiring due to the positivity that he has been imposing.

"Fingers crossed the issue will be resolved and that I'll be out of hospital soon, I'll keep you all updated with how I'm getting on," Stephen Sutton wrote on his Facebook account.

Despite the terminal cancer, Sutton has been all out in doing things, attending events and interviews, telling people that he's been doing well. And as proof to Sutton's positivity, he created a bucket list with 46 things he wanted to do. However, what occupied him the most was the number 1 on his list, which was originally to raise £10,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust, which provides expert care and support to young people with cancer. But with Stephen Sutton's belief in people, he upped it to £1 million.

However, the fundraising for cancer research has exceeded target as people around the world donated money and made the donations reach up to more than £3 million.

People who are interested to donate can visit Stephen's Fundraising Page.

Various reports point at Stephen Sutton as a local hero in Birmingham as his story continues to inspire many people from all over the world, including celebrities. Here is a collection of some of the posts on Twitter as social media continues to pay tribute and says goodbye to the young hero and inspiring 19-year-old fundraiser:

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