Inside Selling Houses Australia: Episode 2 Hoarder Heaven Recap

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"Inside Selling Houses Australia" is a five-episode special series that is a spinoff from the highly rated LifeStyle Australian show "Selling Houses Australia." It is an inside look at the amazing renovations done in the show. It revisits past episodes and gives it an in-depth analysis. It still features "Selling Houses Australia" presenter and property expert Andrew Winter, landscaper Charlie Albone and interior designer Shaynna Blaze who will relive their experiences while doing the show, including their favourite and least favourite episodes. Check out the "Inside Selling Houses Australia" Episode 2 "Hoarder Heaven" recap to remember the episodes featuring various hoarders from the show's Series 1 to 7.

In "Hoarder Heaven" which aired on Wednesday, July 2, 2014 at 8:30 p.m. on The LifeStyle Channel, the worst hoarders encountered in the show were featured. It included the hoarders from the Granville, Chatswood, Ashbury and Oxley Park episodes.

Charlie Albone remembered the hoarders in these houses including the one in Oxley Park (House 1). This particular house had a lot of extra stuff lying around just in case it will be used. That's why the owner's unused things eventually piled up, including old sinks and broken washing machines. Its only saving grace is the beautiful veggie garden. Still, Charlie had his hands full with sprucing the area. He decided to rearrange the garden and relocate some plants to organise it. He also hired some diggers to help him clear some space. Click HERE to see some photos of the Oxley Park house (House 1) as well as the other houses featured in this episode from Charlie's point of view.  

According to Shaynna Blaze, the house in Granville (House 4) was actually neat, despite being crammed full of ornaments, glassware and china. The woman who lives in the Granville house is Daphne and she loves to collect these things.  Shaynna changed the dark wood paneling to a much lighter and neutral colour. This made the house airy and less stuffy. Of course she had to remove the Daphne's ornaments and replaced it with décor that is more pleasing to the eye. Click HERE to see some photos of the Granville house (House 4) as well as the other houses featured in this episode from Shaynna's point of view.  

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