Inside Miley Cyrus' Spooky Backyard: A White Horse, Rainbow Coloured Flowers and a Teepee! [VIDEO]

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Miley Cyrus would never make a good home decorator! A video of Miley Cyrus's weird backyard has been leaked online and it shows her unique aesthetic sense. The backyard has a huge white horse, a large "Hollywood" sign and a $25,000 teepee! If this was not enough, Miley even has rainbow coloured fake flowers in her kitchen and also a bowl which has her name inside! Watch the video below.

The video is released by Katy Weaver on Instagram when she went to Miley's home to make pancakes for the singer who has just been out of the hospital.

Weaver, who is the girlfriend of Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne, shared the personal video of Miley's home on her Instagram page.

"Makin pancakes @mileycyrus's house after a funnnnn night of Lucy in the sky videos and Love couches! #lovemoneyparty," Weaver wrote.

Looks like Miley has dumped most of the props in her backyard which she might have used in her music videos earlier. The white horse reminisces of the "Adore You" music video where she posed topless on a white horse for the artwork.

According to E! News, the teepee was gifted to the "Wrecking Ball" songstress on her 21st birthday by her family. Miley Cyrus is just back from her long stay in hospital where she was battling illness due to severe allergic reaction to anti-biotic drugs.

Cyrus was prescribed the anti-biotic for her flu. Not knowing that her body is allergic to it, she kept on consuming it for several days before her body started showing signs of severe illness. Miley was forced to cancel her tours and get admitted to the Kansas hospital.

"It was so scary," the 21-year-old told Ryan Seacrest in a radio interview Monday morning. "When you're allergic to something, you're literally poisoning yourself, so I had just been poisoning myself for a week with something I didn't know I was really, scary allergic to."

The singer, who was forced to cancel her shows, has now rescheduled all her previous dates of "Bangerz" world tour and also added two new dates to the existing tours. The "Bangerz" tour starts back up on May 2 in Amsterdam.

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