An Inside Look at Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s Rumoured Fling, Riley Keough, at their Awkward L.A. Concert 'Reunion'

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Awkward! Could there be more awkward than the women in Robert Pattinson’s life bumping into each other as they found themselves in the same room? Kristen Stewart reportedly ran into Robert Pattinson’s rumoured fling, Riley Keough at Joan Jett's concert in Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood last Thursday, August 1. And witnesses claimed the two could not hide the tension and the “Rob-wall” that now separate the former friends and co-stars.

Kristen did not expect to see Riley as she walked in at a high-profile club in Los Angeles to attend the Joan Jett gig. Accompanied by her friends, Rob’s ex, reportedly lost the smile in her face when she saw Riley, her former co-star in "The Runaways" and now Rob’s rumoured girlfriend.

The "Camp X-Ray" star was described as “unhappy” when she saw Riley. Who wouldn’t?

But her good-natured self prevailed and Kristen decided to let bygones be bygones, and it was big of her to walk over to Riley and give her a hug. Very extraordinary, indeed!

It was surreal. And the people around them were more uncomfortable than Kristen and Riley.

'It was weird when they saw each other, because Kristen didn't look very happy when she walked over to give her a hug," a source was quoted telling HollywoodLife, said

But what they saw next was more compelling and breath-taking as they could not imagine Kristen summoning such strength to give Riley even a second of her time. Apparently, Kristen thought it was best to ignore the fact that she’s looking into the eyes that Rob must be staring at, if rumours of them hooking up are true. Rob’s ex and alleged new girlfriend spoke for a few seconds and they were put on spotlight by the watchful eyes of others attending the Joan Jett concert.

"They spoke for like two minutes and then Riley and her girlfriend walked away," the source added.

As if knowing her place, Riley decided to keep her distance.

The “awkward” moment between Kristen and Riley did not really dampen Kristen’ spirits. At least judging by the photos posted by fans on social media networks.

It didn’t stop Kristen from enjoying the show of the singer and she stayed at the West Hollywood bar with her friends.

"Kristen watched the show from upstairs and I am pretty sure Riley kept her distance and was watching from downstairs," an eyewitness said.

Kristen and Riley were both caught in the web of Robert’s life - - at least in the news. Despite denials from Riley’s camp that Elvis Presley’s granddaughter was nowhere near Rob when the actor was spotted driving a redhead last June 29, 2013, reports still insist that the "Twilight" hunk is hooking up with Riley.

Kristen, for her part, was trying to move on and she has kept herself busy with her new project, spending time with friends and taking care of her dog.

Rob was seen driving away from her place in Los Feliz and rumours came flying around that Robsten romance still lives.

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