Insecure Men Can Stop Wearing Socks on Genitals & Try a Padded Underwear to Look Big Like Christian Grey

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If women have push-up bras push-up bras to create an illusion of a large bosom out of a molehill, men now have similar options to appear like Christian Grey of 50 Shades of Grey or Jonas Falcon of Its Too Big MTV fame.

The secret is in the padding. Anne Summers, the creator of push-up bras and other naughty products, came up with the Triple Boost briefs to liberate some males from putting socks or other male package enhancers on their penis or crotch to appear large when wearing tight pants, shorts, trunks or underwear.

The new products promises to make the male bulge thrice what it really is in response to clamor from men to have a products that would boost their ego, not really size which requires expensive surgery. A recent survey, after all, found that 47 per cent of 1,000 men said they are insecure about their pouch size, while 40 per cent are even willing to undergo surgical procedures just to be bigger.

Ann Summers is expecting success with the Triple Boost briefs in the same way that its Triple Boost bras resulted in females with cleavage (or lack of cleavage) problems buying 790 per cent more bras that forecast.

Men need not wait longer to boost their egos since the Triple Boost pants rolls out in stores on April 1. It comes in three colours - black, ivory and red.

The Daily Mail article on the Triple Boost briefs elicited a lot of reactions, numbering more than 500 in just a matter of hours after publication in the British daily's Comments section.

John Lucci of Houston asked if the underwear comes with a tag that reads: "Objects within are smaller than they appear from the package."

weAll - iNothing of London ditched the idea of wearing one, stressing, "if you haven't got it you just haven't got it. What the point of making it look big only for the woman to keep asking 'when you getting it out mate'?"

SJW of Surrey recounted an experience with a push-up bra wearer which he doesn't want replicated if he wears the brief. "Once the garment is removed everything disappears. I once took a girls bra off and I thought she'd turned her back to me."

From the female point of view, Anna Claire of Toronto wrote, "This is one of the stupidest products I've ever seen. Surely no one is going to buy anything as weird as this."

By the way, for those with a thing for rear ends, there are also butt enhancers  in the market. Any takers?

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