Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile 2.0 Update on Glitch and a Sweepstakes Raffle to Celebrate

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Like the original game, iOS players are the first ones to enjoy the Injustice Mobile 2.0, which features multiplayer battles, new levels, and new character additions.

However, they are also the first ones to be the guinea pigs of problems, mainly the issues that have been created by the newly implemented cheater-catcher systems.

The result is that a number of users have had their accounts suspended or worst, somehow the entire lineup of characters are gone.  Recently, the developer has finally given word about the player banning issue in a post over at

It seems that the problem is now related to the WBID credentials that you have linked to your account. According to the site, one of the causes can be the sharing of WBID credentials.

Given that the mobile version can be linked to the PC and console version of Injustice: Gods Among Us so that players can receive skins and other unlockables for both the full game and mobile game versions, players have been sharing WBID credentials online so they can take advantage of this. Sadly, this is acknowledged as a kind of hacking, and the update will recognize that anyone who has shared a WBID account has hacked the game, hence the suspension.

"If any individual has hacked a particular WBID, all players sharing those WBID credentials could be banned. It is recommended that everyone signs up for a unique WBID," said the developers.

Technically, the only thing that the security scrutiny will prevent you from doing is engaging in online battle mode. It doesn't seem like Warner Bros. will be lifting the ban caused by shared WBID credentials anytime soon, but players can still contact them via for more.

As far as Android fans are concerned, the Injustice Mobile 2.0 has been promised to release by May, though there is yet to be any update on Google Play Store.

Multiplayer sweepstakes for fans

As a celebration of the debut of the multiplayer of Injustice Mobile 2.0, DC Entertainment is holding The Injustice Mobile Multiplayer Sweepstakes, which puts an Injustice Prize Pack as up for grabs for the lucky winner.

Until May 22, players can go to this link to enter their details plus one question: who is your favorite Justice League hero. It' s just a choice among Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, Flash , Aquaman, Green Lantern and Cyborg.

Pretty much similar to any sweepstakes draw, the Injustice Mobile Multiplayer Sweepstakes is open to those who are in the U.S. territory and are 13 years and older.

There's only one grand prize winner, but the prize is a pretty good loot, containing a copy of Injustice: Gods Among Us Collector's Edition (your choice of PS3 or Xbox 360), one Injustice Year One digital comics, a Justice League: Final Frontier DVD, a Justice League: Doom Blu-ray, a signed hardcover of Justice League Origin by Jim Lee and Geoff Johns, two versions of the Injustice Snapback cap by Bioworld, an Injustice Stetchback cap by Bioworld, an Injustice T-Shirt Superman Batman, an Injustice T-Shirt Justice League line-up version, the DC Injustice Retail Packaging - multicolor featuring Harley Quinn, a Performance Designed Products IP1962 Case for iPhone 5, and three Injustice actions figures, The Joker, Superman and Batman.

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