Injustice: Gods Among Us: A Look at the Console and the iOS Version


For most kids who grew up putting on red capes or swinging around with a yellow utility belt, the question of who would win between the Kryptonian alien and the genius billionaire has been a long-standing one that

It's easy to be taken in, the same way that Mortal Kombat has taken in an entire generation of gamers. If anything, Injustice: Gods Among Us takes this generation and entices the batch who grew up reading those superhero comic books by giving a battle arena that defies comic book logic.

Why are they fighting, you ask? The plot of Injustice: Gods Among Us follows a story plot wherein an alternate reality finds Metropolis destroyed by the Joker who has also caused immense grief and a character-change in Superman, who has been tricked by the green-haired maniac into killing a pregnant Lois Lane.

You know it's a parallel universe--Batman can take Superman's strongest punch without being broken in two, and you find heroes facing off with each other or teaming up with villains.

Heroes will be transported all over alternate realities to begin the fights, and this is what you'll get when you play the Story Mode. Xbox360 Achievements reports that the story mode will give you two hours of gameplay alone, with the added challenge of having to fight the alternate, bad version of different heroes, which may not always be easy to do.

What to expect: Features

There's something about Injustice: Gods Among Us that gives you a glimpse of Mortal Kombat in a thrown punch or those evasive moves. Aside from the fact that Netherealm Studios is also responsible for Mortal Kombat, the slick moves and fight combos that you'll learn along the way gives you the same fuzzy feeling when you learn how to manipulate your favorite Mortal Kombat character.

When it comes to playable modes, there's also the S.T.A.R. Lab missions, all 240 of them, which you could win several rewards and trophies for.

According to Video Games Blogger, you can get three rewards for finishing S.T.A.R. Labs missions, namely the New 52 Shazam Costume for finishing all Shazam-related missions, a Kryptonite Lex Costume when you finish all these missions, and Elseworld The Flash Costume for completing all S.T.A.R. labs missions with 3 stars.

Trophies and achievements will also be unlocked once you complete S.T.A.R. Labs missions, the type of trophy depending on the number of missions you complete.

In addition, Forbes reports that you can discover the special button designed for each character. For first-time players, you might be surprised to find out what they are. Among the potential special moves involves a projectile from Green Arrow, slower time from Flash, and drones from Batman.

Cool playable environments

Moving away from the characters, DC fans will also be amused by the backdrops, which make use of famous locations such as the Batcave, Superman's Fortress of Solitude, and the Watchtower.

What's more, Stuff reports that you can witness these settings fall apart as the immortals crash against each other. And don't be surprised if you go through a wall from Superman's kick--the environment allows you to be more interactive in that sense.

The iOS app: Battles and cards

For the most part, the Injustice: Gods Among Us iOS app is a fighting game, but it makes use of cards, which you will use for levels. Sometimes, Destructoid reports that you may have to pay up to get one level ahead, as the app is a freemium with in-app purchases/

This is why it's not a surprise that the game is dominating charts, now having knocked over BioShock Infinite in UK charts after a four-week reign, reports EuroGamer. More than a story line, there's also the addictive quality of putting fights between your favorite DC characters and watching them beat the hell out of each other.

It also helps that Injustice: Gods Among Us has an iOS app that not only syncs rewards that you get from the app to your console version, but also makes it more accessible to those who will otherwise not really prefer play on consoles. Just be sure that you play either the Xbox 360 or the PS3 if you want to sync the iOS app with your game, as the iOS does not support the Wii U.

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