inFamous: Second Son Won’t Get User-Generated Content Support, PS Vita Version Showcased; Game Already Spotted in Walmart

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The countdown to the release date of inFamous: Second Son is hitting an all-time high, with the game now becoming the major attraction after Titanfall has been released.

However, there are a few incoming updates that you may need to know about the PS4 exclusive, and one of the more recent ones speak of a difference of the title with its predecessor.

"[User-generated content] is not a part of this title. It was part of Infamous 2, but not a part of Second Son," said Brian Fleming, Sucker Punch Productions cofounder and producer of the game, in an interview quoted by GameSpot.

The source states that the lack of this feature will take away the ability of players to create their own levels and missions, which were found in the inFamous 2 title released in 2011.

Chris Zimmerman, design director at Sucker Punch, also adds that inFamous 2 had only enjoyed 5% of the population of gamers who have published a level in the game. This may be the reason why the same feature has not been released for inFamous: Second Son.

PS Vita Remote Play version shown off

Aside from the PS4 version of inFamous: Second Son, which has been receiving raves for great graphics for the great game, the PS Vita Remote Play version has also been showcased for those who are planning to make more use of the PS4's newer unique features.

Gamepur has managed to snag an image of inFamous: Second Son as featured in the PS Vita via a NeoGAF user. If you're wondering how a player has managed to get his hands on inFamous: Second Son this early, the source states that NeoGAF user Magicman103 got his retail copy early.

Quoting an IGN podcast with Zimmerman, Gamepur also reports that Remote Play was something that was added later on, but the PS4 feature was something that inFamous: Second Son takes advantage of quite well.

"We kinda worried about it later. You have to think about it a little bit, obviously because the controls are slightly different. They've done some clever things in the way remote play works, so it's not so hard from the standpoint of a game developer like us," said Zimmerman in the podcast.

Walmart already carrying the game, but not selling

As though the biggest tease of the week, it seems that some Walmart branches are already putting inFamous: Second Son on display even with a few days prior to the release date of the game.

DualShockers has spotted a number of Twitter users who have posted snapshots of inFamous: Second Son on retail and already displayed in various store branches.

What's interesting is that, despite the display, it seems that purchase is still impossible. According to the report, the register is not yet accepting the product when purchased as until the release date arrives.

Talk about seeing what you want but not having the power to get it. Still, for those who want to double-check and make sure that their local Walmart store is carrying the title, you might want to take a look if one of the shelves is already carrying the game. It might be interesting to see which Walmart branches are actually already carrying the title.

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