inFamous: Second Son vs. Titanfall: Launch Event to Unveil Surprise, inFamous Demo Unavailable, Trade In for Lower Price

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A new Titanfall announcement is expected to be announced during the launch event over at Austin before the big release date of the game. Apparently, the new announcement is Respawn's way of announcing something about the future of the title.

And this seems like a surprise that only Respawn knows, as not even Microsoft's Major Nelson has any idea what will be announced at the event. But it may be something to look forward to, considering that the season pass has already been announced.

IGN quotes Microsoft's Jeff Rubenstein as having said this about the announcement, "I'm told they'll be unveiling an amazing new collaboration in the Titanfall universe. Interesting..."

What do you think this new announcement will be? Are you excited to play Titanfall?

inFamous: Second Son demo not coming

Even with more than a week still to pass before the release date of the PS4 exclusive inFamous: Second Son finally comes out, it seems that there will be no demo coming for those who want to see the game before making any kind of purchase.

"I don't think we're going to have a demo. It's hard to have a demo with an open world game to be honest with you," said Ken Schramm, dev director, to Videogamer.

"You what, pick two missions out of the whole thing then you give them a little slice of the world, you gotta make all these walls? I don't think [having a demo] does justice to an open-world game."

Still, this doesn't seem to be hindering the hype and positive reception that the game has been receiving from fans, if the preorders are any indication of the game's future success.

According to GameSpot, the PS4' inFamous: Second Son has already surpassed the figures for preorders that have been recorded for The Last of Us, another well-received and well-awarded game.

It seems that this title will be Sony's biggest game to date, and it's one of those games that, despite coming off from a series, it has stood on its own in terms of making a buzz in the arena of next-gen gaming.

Titanfall and inFamous: Second Son part of GameStop's deals

The Xbox One's and PS4's exclusive games are coming at a lower price, if you are willing to trade in some selected games for the biggest games of the two next-gen consoles.

There are four easy steps to take part of the Trade and Save deal. You first need to preorder Titanfall, inFamous: Second Son or Thief for the next-gen platforms, so you can get the trade-in documents. You should then complete the documents and send them back along with the trade-in game. Make sure that the game you're trading in is included in the long list provided over at the GameStop, which you can access here.

If the trade is successfully received, you will get an update from GameStop that will pull down the billing price of your preordered game to £14.97. Some of the games that are included in the trade-in list include the following:

  1. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag
  2. Battlefield 4
  3. Call of Duty: Ghosts
  4. Forza 5
  5. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition
  6. FIFA 14
  7. NBA 2K14
  8. Dead Rising 3

The complete list can be accessed in the GameStop link above. Note that the trade-in titles are supposed to be for the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

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