'inFamous: Second Son' vs. 'Titanfall': Exploring the Photo Mode and a New Mobile Studio Founded

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Those who have been playing "inFamous: Second Son" should already know about the Photo Mode, which came with an update that arrived earlier this month. And apparently, it's one of the well-received modes because it's like giving players power to take incredible images in a game where the detail is an immensely key feature.

Sucker Punch senior software engineer Matt Durasoff talked about the origin of the Photo Mode and how it has now yielded a few great fan-made projects that's extending "inFamous: Second Son" from just a gaming title to a community activity.

"We know that people love to share photos, we know pausing the clock and looking at the FX in-flight is mesmerising; we know the game has an insane level of detail. But the magnitude of the response and what people are doing with it has blown us away," said Durasoff over at PlayStation Blog. "I heard a story today that some Sony execs now have fan-made shots from Second Son as their phone backgrounds. Amazing," he addded.

Durasoff also shares that the Photo Mode was pretty much an idea that was given birth by the fans. Since they were already sharing awesome shots, all that Sucker Punch did was give the fans even more power by opening the game engine and giving them more tools to tweak the visuals.

Now, there are over hundreds of these fan-made photos circulating. For those who haven't tried out the Photo Mode, Durasoff states that there's just an easy secret to it.

"The secret to taking a great image in Photo Mode is exactly the same as the secret to taking a great photograph in any medium," he said. "I'm only an amateur photographer myself, so I can't claim any expert advice, but I can start you off with this: Every picture tells a story. What's yours?"

Nuclear Division: Mobile Studio by Respawn CEO

The mobile platform is fast gaining traction for games, with fighter, shooter, puzzle and adventure games attracting even casual gamers beyond just the long wait in lines or commutes.

First, the trend of mobile in gaming came with addictive games, such as "Flappy Bird" and "Candy Crush Saga." Next, it found integration with console games in the form of apps for console titles. The fact that the mobile platform has become fertile ground for games has started to attract more gaming veterans, the latest of whom is Respawn CEO Vince Zampella.

Venture Beat reports that Zampella has partnered with Larry Pacey, previously the product head for WMS, a slot machine maker. The two of them are now heading mobile studio Nuclear Division.

"There is this whole other marketplace in mobile that can take advantage of innovative creative content," said Pacey to Venture Beat. "The two of us are starting a new venture to create this," he added.

Of course, Zampella is still very much active in Respawn, as "Titanfall" continues to see its success among players, with the franchise still having a very bright future ahead. In fact, Zampella has actually considered getting mobile gaming into Respawn, but decided the studio was focused on console games, hence Nuclear Division.

It would be interesting where this new experimentation will lead Zampella and "Titanfall." The currently Xbox-exclusive title has already established a following. Using mobile as a possible extension of the game would be an interesting opportunity in the future.

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