inFamous Second Son Soundtrack Hints of New Powers, Day One Patch Announced and Trophies Leaked


What's already known about inFamous: Second Son is that you can switch between two powers, neon and smoke, while playing the game. But as the game's release comes close, talks of other powers coming to the title have been popping up left and right.

The most recent find is care of DualShockers, wherein the song titles of the official inFamous: Second Son soundtrack are interpreted to hint at potential future powers. The soundtrack is already available on Amazon for preorder, and it features 22 soundtracks all in all.

Some of the interpretations include possible powers related to clouds and rain, possible radio waves, optical illusions or abilities, and even light-based powers, if songs like Wavelength, Speed of Light and Scraping the Sky are anything to go by.

Other hints pertaining to the possible addition of powers refer back to an image spotted by VG 24/7. The image seems to point to inFamous: Second Son's button configuration, which include "Karmic Powers." Quoting another interview with Chris Zimmerman, big boss over at Sucker Punch Productions, VG 24/7 states that more powers have been confirmed to arrive post-launch, potentially in the expansion coming in a few months.

Get ready for the Day One patch for inFamous: Second Son

The anticipated PS4 exclusive is almost here, and Sucker Punch Productions seems to be at the very end of the production line with only the finishing touches left for the game.

Gamepur has gotten wind of the minute developments, which include a day one patch for the title, via a livestream event.

"This is it, there are disks being manufactured. It's gold. There's a day one patch that also happens, we're finishing off the last bits of that, but yeah, the game's gold," said Zimmerman in an interview quoted by Gamepur.

Day One patches are pretty common with videogame releases, and it's much better as a fix to ensure that there will be less bugs and crashes to deal with when you're finally enjoying the game.

inFamous: Second Son trophies list out

A week before inFamous: Second Son is out and already the trophies list has been revealed over at Exophase. There are a total of 48 trophies, two of which are Ultra Rare, the Enjoy Your Powers (where you need to collect all the trophies) and Unstoppable (where you need to finish the game on Expert difficulty).

Interestingly, Karmic powers make an appearance, or at least they are hinted in two of the trophies. The first is in Reconciliation, where you need to finish the story with Good Karma, while Rebellion is where you need to finish it with Evil Karma. Previous speculations have hinted that this may be additional powers, though the developers have yet to formally announce anything.

Check out the complete list of trophies for inFamous: Second Son, but you should also beware of spoilers for the game when you do so.

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