inFamous: Second Son and Killzone Shadow Fall DLC Updates: Release Dates, Trailers and Details Revealed

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The PS4 exclusive title "inFamous Second Son" is getting the "First Light" DLC expansion pack on August, as developer Sucker Punch Productions dishes out a few details on the expansion.

"inFamous First Light" will bring in Abigail "Fetch" Walker, where the gamer will be experiencing the events that would mold her into the conduit who appears in "inFamous Second Son." This means dealing with events and emotions brought by a DUP capture, a missing brother and her new motivations.

"In First Light, you will be able to explore new environments, such as Curdun Cay itself and the beautiful snowy mountains around it. You'll also revisit the city of Seattle, this time through the lens of Fetch's neon-tinted glasses," said Jason Connell, creative lead on "inFamous Second Son" on the official Web site.

"Of course, it wouldn't be an inFAMOUS game without awesome powers. This time around, you'll see firsthand that Fetch has her own flavor of neon that is unique to her character and tone," Connell added.

Photo Mode will be coming with "inFamous First Light" for gamers who want to share their adventure in eye-candy manner. "inFamous First Light" will be out also as a standalone game on the PlayStation Store, but will have exclusive content for those who already own "inFamous Second Son."

More details will be revealed as the expansion progresses towards the release date.

Scroll down below for the E3 2014 announcement trailer for "inFamous First Light."

'Killzone Shadow Fall' Intercept Dated

It's all about teamwork and cooperation with "Killzone Shadow Fall's" latest expansion, Intercept. And now, Guerrilla Games has given more details as to what can be expected of the DLC.

Players need to assemble a group of four teammates where they will have to fully be in sync with the group as they try to battle against Helghast attackers, establish communications to the headquarters and make use of their Combat Role abilities to get the job done.

"Mastering your assigned Combat Role—Assault, Marksman, Medic or Tactician—is vital to your success," said Guerrilla Games community manager Jeroen Roding to PlayStation Blog.

There are also bonuses that can be activated and used during players' missions. These can be obtained for every time they retrieve a capacitor to their basecamp. The bonuses include:

  • Full recapture: Instantly recapture all Uplink terminals in enemy hands.
  • Full resupply: Instantly restock all ammo and health.
  • Free respawn: The next respawn will not penalize the Team Score.
  • Minigun: All players receive a minigun in their loadout.
  • Mortar strike: Call in a mortar strike on the map. Remember to take cover!
  • Double damage: All players deal double damage for a limited time.
  • Turrets: Activate the dormant turret platforms located throughout the level.
  • Jetpack: All players receive a jetpack in their loadout.

Intercept for "Killzone Shadow Fall" will be out by June 24 as a freebie alongside the Season Pass.

(Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)

(Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)

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