'Infamous: Second Son' Doesn’t Have Multiplayer, Teases Awesome PS4 Graphics at GDC 2014; New Trailer Out

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With the anticipation for "Infamous: Second Son" already at an all-time high, Sony has just released a short clip featuring the Sucker Punch team behind the title.

"The cool part about working on this new system is that we can throw any type of detail that we couldn't before," said Horia Dociu, art director.

Given that Sucker Punch is located just outside Seattle, the team behind "Infamous: Second Son" is very familiar with what people can find in in Seattle, which is the backdrop of the game. What's more, the sheer amount of detail that the developers have put into the game is beyond real---enough to make the franchise worthy of photography-like beauty shots.

Check out the trailer below and see some of the sharp details that "Infamous: Second Son" may become very famous for.

(Credit: YouTube/sonyplaystation)

Confirmed: No Multiplayer Coming

Despite expectations from gamers after a Japanese post was found hinting at a multiplayer for "Infamous: Second Son," brand development director Ken Schramm has already confirmed that there will be no multiplayer mode for the PS4 exclusive.

IGN spotted a source reporting the conversation with a Taiwanese site, emphasising that while there are a number of NPCs in the game, gamers will only be able to enjoy a single-player mode.

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This doesn't kill the fun in the slightest because even though players will just be encountering these NPCs in the game, they can still expect an open world where they can go beyond the main story and pursue other quests.

What's more, an exciting aspect of the game is that decisions made in the game can affect the kind of situations that players will be exposed to, so when they make one choice, they can expect that other opportunities and realities in the game will no longer be available to them.

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GDC 2014 is Something to Wait for with 'Infamous: Second Son'

"Infamous: Second Son" fans have something to look forward to sometime between March 17 and 21. Push Square reports that developer Sucker Punch has promised that it will give a GDC 2014 presentation on how its latest project has managed to tap the powers of the PS4 to showcase the superpowers of the likes of Delsin Rowe.

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"In this talk, we'll describe how Sucker Punch designed the Infamous: Second Son engine to take advantage of the power of the PS4," said the blurb for the session as quoted by Push Square.

GDC 2014 will be held in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. Aside from the promised amazement that the game will deliver, those who will attend will also get a chance to buy the game after the event is over.

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