Indonesian Parole Official Says Schapelle Corby Tried To Commit Suicide

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Schapelle Corby
Australian beauty therapist Schapelle Corby reacts in a courtroom in Denpasar in the Indonesian island of Bali in this August 25, 2006 file photo. Indonesia granted early parole on February 7, 2014 to convicted Australian drug trafficker Corby despite calls from some MPs for the high profile prisoner to serve out her full term. Corby was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2005 for trying to smuggle 4kg of marijuana into Bali. REUTERS/Murdani Usman/Files Reuters

Schapelle Corby tried to kills herself, Indonesian officials claimed. The 36-year-old Australian convict, apparently attempted to take her own life twice with a knife during a meeting with parole officers.

Sunar Agus, the head of the corrections division of the Bali justice office, said that he visited Ms Corby in her sister Mercedes’ home in Kuta on Monday to discuss “various possibilities” after a documentary about her release has been aired on Australia’s Seven Network.

She was said to be “unstable mentally,” and had seemed afraid when he tried to talk with her.

Ms Corby apparently ran across the room and picked up a knife.

“She took a small knife and tried to slice her wrist. She was immediately prevented. It didn’t take a big effort. The family just stopped her and she gave up trying after that,” Mr Agus said.

She then tried it again after half an hour.

“I can’t tell someone’s intention but what I saw in front of me was that she tried to commit suicide,” he said, adding that he believes Ms Corby thought the officers were there to take her back to prison.

Ms Corby was also distressed about the media’s attention on her. She claimed that she is being photographed by reporters even while she’s sleeping in her room.

Mr Agus said that he thinks she was in mental distress, saying, “...when I tried to communicate it was not easy, and also from Corby’s body language she did not seem stable. She repeatedly said she was stressed because the media kept following her.”

However, a family source claimed that the reported incident was exaggerated.

The source told that while it was true that Ms Corby had been frustrated at not being able to leave her house, the incident wasn’t as dramatic as reported. She just declared that everyone would be happier if she were to kill herself.

Ms Corby’s parole is at risk of being revoked after a documentary about her release was shown on Seven Network on Sunday.

Ms Corby, who was prohibited from giving media interviews, did not appear in the program. However, her sister Mercedes gave a teary interview, maintaining Ms Corby’s innocence and suggesting that the marijuana found in her bag “could have been from Indonesia.”

Justice Minister Amir Syamsuddin was incensed when he watched the show, saying that the family did not appear to be grateful for what they had already received.

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