Indians Offended by My Kitchen Rules’ Spice Girls, Jessie Khan and Biswa Kamila?


My Kitchen Rules contestants Jessie Khan and Biswa Kamila attracted not only large ratings for their home network, Seven, but as well as hatred and disappointment from viewers, including fellow Indians.

It is believed that the controversy stirred by the Spice Girls of the popular cooking show rake in amazing ratings for Seven as 2.2 million Australians tuned in beating its rivals.

Jessie and Biswa's cooking episode was the most highly-anticipated of the season after they talked themselves up in other people's instant restaurants and unleashed food criticism that saw them call dishes "gross."

However, the NSW friends Jessie and Biswa failed to impress when they scored 41 points out of a 110 for their instant restaurant last night, putting them at the bottom of the leader board.

Their Indian cuisine menu had the judges excited in the lead-up to dinner, but their poor timing, disorganisation in the kitchen and execution of the dishes left a bad taste in the judges' and other contestants' mouths.

Other contestants seemed to have held grudge to the pair and scored them 3 out of 10. While Pete and Manu were fairer in their assessment of the girls' cooking. However, it was the pair'sdessert, a concoction of gulab jamun and baked yoghurt that Pete labelled as basically "inedible," that proved to be their biggest downfall.

Manu only gave them 2, while Pete went even lower and scored them 1 - an unfortunate result considering in their interview package Jessie had said, "These are dishes that we cook all the time so we are quite confident that we'll do a good job."

If the remaining cooks in group one score better than Jessie and Biswa, they will face elimination before the show reaches MKR HQ.

Twitter and other social media sites fired up last night because of the episode. Some viewers commented that bashed the girls' ability to cook. Viewers from Indian descent seemed to be disappointed to the girls with some saying that they are a disgrace to Indians.

Some even questioned their cooking skills saying that they prepared the dishes incorrectly shaming Indian cuisine. Some commenters said that there is a proper way to prepare Indian food. Another questioned their character saying that Indians are very nice and polite people.

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