Indiana Pacers’ Paul George Tried To Pay $1M To Stripper For Abortion

NBA: Indiana Pacers vs. Atlanta Hawks
NBA: Indiana Pacers vs. Atlanta Hawks

Another athlete bites the dust. Paul George is following Dwyane Wade’s footsteps - not collecting NBA rings and championships - but getting other women impregnated out of wedlock and perhaps out of a relationship.

Unlike Wade, George attacks the situation quite differently as the latter has attempted to pay off the woman $1 million to abort the baby.

According to multiple media outlets, including, the Indiana Pacers star forward offered to pay a certain Daniela, who is a stripper-slash-model from Miami, Florida, after learning that he got her pregnant in 2013.

Nine months later, it was apparent that Daniela has chosen life over cash after she posted a photo on Instagram with the text, “It’s a Girl!”

While there is no confirmation or denial from both parties at the moment, Daniela’s visibility in the basketball circles has confirmed that there is a bit of history between her and budding Indiana superstar.

“Daniela isn’t new to the world of ballers. She was rumored to have messed around with Lil Wayne in the past and can be found frequenting Heat games. Here’s where it gets messy. Daniela and George go back at least to over the summer of 2013 where they were spotted at a mansion party together,” the article stated.

The news wasn’t a fresh one in the number one professional league in the world.

Late in 2013, Wade admitted to then girlfriend, now fiancée Gabrielle Union he impregnated another woman when they were “on break.”

On weirder NBA-abortion news, it was exposed in 2013 that Los Angeles Clippers Shooter J.J. Redick actually had a bizarre contact with then girlfriend Vanessa Lopez. In that agreement, Redick had to pay Lopez $25,000 if the NBA player “broke off the relationship after an abortion.”

George is currently dating Clippers Head Coach Doc Rivers’ daughter.

The two-time NBA All-Star recently signed an extension worth nearly $80 million with the Pacers. If the stories were true, that’s a lot of strippers and potential abortions if you were George.

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