Indian Woman, 20, Reportedly Ordered To Be Gang-Raped By Village Council As Punishment For Affair

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An Indian woman was ordered to be “enjoyed" by the men of her village in West Bengal state because she fell in love with a man from a different community. The village headman allegedly commanded the gang rape after her family failed to pay the fine for her action.

The 20-year-old alleged victim is currently in the hospital in critical condition. It was said to be a case of gang rape, although the official result of the medical examinations hasn’t been released yet.

According to NDTV News, the unnamed woman was tied up to a tree on Monday night as was ordered by the village council. Her crime was apparently loving a man from a different tribe.

She told the paper that the village elders summoned her and her lover, tied them to a tree and asked them to pay 25,000 rupees [AUD460] each. The man was let go after his family paid the fine, but the woman’s family couldn’t afford it; and hence, she was forcibly taken to a small hut where at least 10 men sexually assaulted her.

She was warned not to share her ordeal. It was only on Wednesday when her family was able to sneak her out of the village to file a police report.

“The morol (village headman) ordered that I be ‘enjoyed’ by the men of the village. Following his orders, at least 10-12 people, including (some) members of a single family, continuously raped me. I lost count of how many times I was raped,” the woman told NDTV.

Police have since arrested 13 men in connection with the gruesome case.

The alleged victim wouldn’t be able to get support on her case from the people in her village, though. Some villagers are completely denying the crime.

“She is a bad character. She was going around with this non-tribal man. We told her not to but she didn’t listen,” a young mother, whose husband’s brother was included in the arrested suspects, was quoted by the paper as saying.

“The salishi sabha (kangaroo court) went on the whole night. I was there. When was it possible to gang-rape the girl?” The woman continued with a threat of her own, saying,” If she dares to come back to the village, I will kill her.”

Earlier in January, a 51-year-old Danish woman touring India was beaten and gang-raped at knifepoint in Delhi. Another tourist, A Polish woman, was also reportedly drugged and raped by a taxi driver while she was travelling to New Delhi with her young daughter.

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