Indian Guy Worshipped as God for Having a 37cm Tail of Hair? [VIDEO]

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(Video Credit: YouTube/Barcroft TV)

An Indian guy discovered to have a hairy tail at his back is believed to be a living god even if he is just an average tea-picker.

The 35-year-old Chandre Oraon has been growing his tail since the time he was born. According to Barcroft TV, many Hindus believe such tails to be a reincarnation of a monkey god. Besides, his being compared to a monkey is not just limited to that of the gods but also being connected to his line of work as a tea picker, requiring him to climb trees with ease and speed.

Worshipped as God

Because of his odd-looking tail, many god worshippers travel to see him in person and even get blessed by touching his tail. Huffington Post reports that there was even a woman named Monika Lakda who went to see the Indian guy with the tail, hoping it would help cure the fever of her nephew.

"The baby recovered soon after that," she explained to Daily Mail after having given her nephew medicines which did not cure the baby at all. She and her family are among the believers that Chandre is Hanuman's reincarnation, with others also saying the guy was born on the same date that is considered as the Holy Hanuman Day.

What the Sceptics Have to Say

If there are believers, then there are the doubters. Most of those who do not believe that he is a reincarnated god are doctors who consider the condition as a congenital defect. Indian Express wrote that one surgeon from Kolkata described it as a "congenital anomaly," but a very rare case.

Mirror UK reported that there were many other doctors who have offered to remove it, but Chandre resisted. He recalled how his mother once chopped it off when he was younger, which caused him to have high fever. "My mother told me that I almost died," he stated.

Baldev Ram, the Indian guy's uncle, added that they have been noticing the continuous growth of the young guy's tail as he grows older too.

Chandre's story as an Indian guy worshipped as god for his tail is not unique for other similar stories have emerged too in the past.

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