Indian Astrologer Raped Australian Woman Whom He Diagnosed With Black Magic Curse

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Venkatesha Kodandappa, an Indian astrologer, pleaded on Friday not guilty before Magistrate Margaret Harding to four counts of rape and another four counts of indecent assault filed by a woman from Victoria, Australia.

The female victim complained that he diagnosed her with a black magic curse and the only way to cure it is if she would have sex with the 29-year-old astrologer. The sex must be with a stranger, he claimed.

Other astrologers on YouTube, such as Guruji, prescribes mantras or prayers to remove black magic curse, not sex.

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Mr Kodandappa then offered his service without any payment.

She rejected his offer because she was a virgin, paid him for the astrological consultation and left. He warned the victim that her husband could die because of the curse which must be lifted through sex.

The astrologer continued to repeat his offer despite her telling him she is not interested. But in January, because of his assurance that he was concerned for the woman, she returned to his office where he repeated his diagnosis of black magic curse and cure through sex.

It was during this second visit that Mr Kodandappa hugged her, while telling her to feel the magic. He rubbed turmeric on her body and proceeded with the alleged indecent assault and rape.

After the session, while the victim was dressing, he told her that nine sessions were needed for total healing, but he could do it for her in only three sessions.

The astrologer insisted the sex was part of a prayer ceremony to cleanse her of sins.

The hearing before the Victorian County Court resumes on Wednesday.

The astrologer came to Australia on a tourist visa and was arrested and charged at Adelaide Airport upon his return in August.

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